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  1. Duff

    Best of r/radiohead

    I was that woman.
  2. Duff

    Best of r/radiohead

    Thom has them taken care of.
  3. Genuinely looking forward to this.
  4. That would be ace. No rush.
  5. Original official site explaining the Loophole stuff, archived on Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20031019061841/http://www.digitallandfill.co.uk/loophole/instructions.php?failagree=1 Download no longer works of course.
  6. Is Wonsy involved in fan stuff at all any more? CI doesn't seem to have been updated for months or years, lots of pages and files 404, hasn't posted on atease since it came back after the big forum crash. Would be a real shame if CI just rotted away.
  7. Someone pointed out that these all used to be on Citizen Insane but have vanished (along with lots of bits of CI). It would be a shame if these disappeared for ever, an intriguing little bit of Radiohead history. There were apparently about 80 of them. Does anyone happen to have them? Would be good to get them going in a torrent or Soulseek or whatever just so there are copies out there for the future. I'd quite like to stick them in Ableton and fuck about with them myself. I could make the album HTTT was supposed to be.
  8. Duff

    Best of r/radiohead

    My take on Radiohead songs correlating to stages of grief
  9. Duff

    Best of r/radiohead

    The Jonny they've had for several years now is at least as good.
  10. Duff

    Best of r/radiohead

    No. He used to be but left or got kicked out following drama. Went to a Thom Yorke gig with him years ago.
  11. Duff

    Best of r/radiohead

    Oh come on, that's not lame, that's fun. It was made for the occasional "Radiohead night" events run by the Japanese Radiohead cover band, who at this point are practically endorsed by the real band. They have XL people there selling merchandise etc. (I was there, it was a tasty cake. The cover band also did a version of Ful Stop that's better than any live version I've heard by the real band.)
  12. Duff

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Yeah the cassette was great.
  13. Duff

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    It's been said before, but as much as I love the fact that OKNOTOK happened and the whole white cassette thing, considering everything that came out of the Minidiscs leak, they did make some odd choices. They should have put one of the full-band versions of TLW on the cassette, along with the TLW tape loop. That would then tell the whole story of the song after having released the final version on AMSP the previous year, like releasing the making-of documentary after the movie comes out. Here's the song, here's the tape loop (explaining the Pulk connection), and here's an example of why this song took 20 fucking years. They definitely released the wrong Lift, and we might never know why. Some odd inclusions on that tape too. Like the recording of the fridge buzz. It's kind of a fun inclusion but considering it wasn't used anywhere on the album it's a bit of a waste of space - wasn't it used on one of Thom's Karma Police demos on the Minidiscs or am I misremembering that? Thank God we got the Minidiscs.