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  1. Duff

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    It's been said before, but as much as I love the fact that OKNOTOK happened and the whole white cassette thing, considering everything that came out of the Minidiscs leak, they did make some odd choices. They should have put one of the full-band versions of TLW on the cassette, along with the TLW tape loop. That would then tell the whole story of the song after having released the final version on AMSP the previous year, like releasing the making-of documentary after the movie comes out. Here's the song, here's the tape loop (explaining the Pulk connection), and here's an example of why this song took 20 fucking years. They definitely released the wrong Lift, and we might never know why. Some odd inclusions on that tape too. Like the recording of the fridge buzz. It's kind of a fun inclusion but considering it wasn't used anywhere on the album it's a bit of a waste of space - wasn't it used on one of Thom's Karma Police demos on the Minidiscs or am I misremembering that? Thank God we got the Minidiscs.
  2. Duff

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Maybe we'll finally get the uncensored version of Ed's diary, where he tells us what he's really thinking.
  3. Duff

    KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue

    Yes. The best part of all the NOTOK/Minidiscs stuff wasn't the unreleased tracks (turns out they're all boring and not worthy of release) but the light it sheds on the music we know. Stuff like learning that LIAGH and Exit Music were once the same song, or how Nude got its name, or hearing how the different bits of Paranoid Android were recorded separately and stitched together. Brilliant.
  4. Duff

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Yes, the MiniDiscs contains a recording of a cartoon that mentions "the dog wonder". Dogwander. Is that on the official release btw? Searching through these files is such a chore.
  5. Duff

    18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

    Isn't it also mentioned somewhere in Thom's OKC notebooks, included with the OKNOTOK special edition? I've never read it so I'm not sure.
  6. Duff

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Is that birdsong in Bloom bridge, among all the brass? Never noticed it before.
  7. Duff

    Atoms for Peace B-Sides (vinyl rips)

    To anyone else looking: get Soulseek.
  8. Duff


    I reckon they're going to be making Radiohead albums into their old age. Thom is an admirer of Robert Wyatt, who is still making music in his 70s, in a wheelchair. Thom is going to be like that. When one of them dies that might be it for the Radiohead brand, but after that they'll they'll appear on each other's solo projects.
  9. Duff

    Thom Yorke - ANIMA

    Anima Part 2 coming????
  10. Duff

    Best of r/radiohead

    Is this an Onion piece?
  11. Duff


    Yeah and Colin is well annoying to boot.
  12. Duff


    Is there anyone out there who is completely satisfied with Man of War, anyway? Is there anyone who puts it on every day and gets the shivers? I think it's a rather damp squib, but I never liked the song much in the first place.
  13. Duff


    Oh go on, post a bit more. Go on.
  14. Duff


    To clarify, there is actually no source out there making claims about exactly when Man of War was recorded - or if there is I'd like to see it. But we know at least some (and maybe all) of it is new, because: Sam Petts Davis (producer of Suspiria) is credited for engineering, and he would have been five years old or something in 1997. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Robert Ziegler, is credited for strings. Ziegler tweeted photos of the band working with the orchestra in 2015. You can see Sam in the photos. Ziegler deleted the photos shortly after, presumably after Nigel threatened to bulldoze his home. Ziegler and the Philharmonic Orchestra aren't credited for anything on AMSP. Since Spectre was released as part of the AMSP special edition you'd think they would have been credited for that if they'd done the Spectre session too, but they weren't so presumably they didn't. It seems likely that the sessions with Ziegler were therefore for Man of War, and that the strings at least were recorded in 2015.
  15. Duff

    This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition

    Of course he's gay. You can hear how gay all his production is. He mics snares in the gayest way. Though I'm sure I remember someone here or on Reddit being scandalised at how young Nigel's girlfriend was at some point.