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  1. Bombers is 4 minute warning I think
  2. If it is true, it doesn’t matter. People are allowed to have consensual sex - even with (shock horror!) more than one person at once. Implying rape or inappropriate conduct in a vague fashion just adds to the rumor mill. If there really are known facts about someone behaving in an inappropriate way, it may be better to be direct about it instead of just stirring the pot. Also, I object to the use of me too as a verb. The movement was started out of a real need to express how widespread abuse and the silencing of abuse is. Just wanted to get this off my chest. I apologise if it came across as preachy but I feel quite strongly about this stuff.
  3. I’ve never seen this one before. Looks like the image may be of a 12” or 7” single though, odd that it would be listed as a CD and then have just two tracks down as A and B (also I think all RH singles I’ve ever seen up until the Help EP / OKC era were in jewel cases)... Discogs is user generated and sometimes things get listed incorrectly despite being checked. Not saying this isn’t real but I think there is (or used to be) another site that has pretty definitive info on all the different prints of the band’s discography (maybe someone else remembers what it was). If you find it there, there’s a better chance of confirming this print exists in a card sleeve. Also no Coke Babies here which is a pity as that song rules! I hope you find it!
  4. appearcomposed is showing off, just like the thread where a new user asked about the live performances of the thief. it’s like establishing territory: sneering at new users. I think it’s genuinely what keeps this such a narrow community that people find hard to get into, and frankly why I personally never really want to take part
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