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    It's funny to see Thom and Jonny be like "it's not very interesting" and then Thom puts out the Suspiria Unreleased Material on streaming services.
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    Tomorrow Night in Paris is amazing. I hate it when people say that sort of thing but it really is amazing. It's okay to say it now! "Come on, come on". New fans on reddit are still amazed that there is a second In Rainbows disc but us old fans can really appreciate this release of old and odd recordings from the OK Computer era. Ash and I have been probably the oldest fans of the band at least from the Radiohead MB aspect. From Followmearound with Beryl to Greenplastic to Atease. This is so incredible. I am drunk but that is okay cuz this is a great time to be an old fan of the band. Enjoy boys and girls. Our boys are one of a kind. Enjoy!
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    Here are my highlights. Disc 1 15:54 - 22:29 True Love Waits (early version, full band arrangement) 38:13 - 43:11 Airbag (early version, The Bends-esque arrangement) Disc 2 1:00:53 - 1:06:18 unknown instrumental piece Disc 3 12:10 - 16:11 Nude (early version, alt OKNOTOK cassette version, more vocals) Disc 4 33:01 - 38:04 Motion Picture Soundtrack (very different early version) 43:02 - 48:02 Airbag (early electric version) 48:03 - 53:27 The Tourist (early version) 53:21 - 57:34 Palo Alto (early) Disc 5 5:43 - 13:44 Paranoid Android (early version, longer) 13:45 - 16:45 jamming w/ tape loop effects (pretty cool jam) 18:08 - 25:53 unknown song (synth-heavy, crazy chorus chords, interesting) 33:58 - 37:41 No Surprises (alternate studio take) 38:14 - 42:40 Attention (unreleased song, full band studio version) Disc 7 2:42 - 7:16 Last Flowers (full band early version) 7:17 - 9:28 Melatonin (alternate version, cool but not essential) 9:29 - 11:42 unknown song (loose but composed, pretty cool) 11:43 - 15:02 instrumental jam (spacey) 27:52 - 28:20 unknown song (incredible! full band) 29:18 - 35:04 Airbag (cool early version! full band) 35:05 - 42:09 Let Down (early version, full band, incredible) 44:00 - 55:29 Radiohead funk jam (!) Disc 9 2:40 - 7:30 unknown new song (very un-Radiohead, 90s w/ organ) 12:51 - 15:03 Karma Police (organ version, interesting) 17:32 - 20:40 Last Flowers (absolutely bonkers version) 35:23 - 37:59 Life in a Glasshouse (full band, pretty weird) 38:00 - ??:?? Life in a Glasshouse (Thom acoustic demo) 51:01 - 53:38 A Reminder (acoustic demo, real nice) Disc 10 13:13 - 18:01 The Bends (4-track demo, previously released but new to me) Disc 13 1:45 - 5:42 Palo Alto (Thom acoustic demo, early version) 47:33 - 50:20 Polyethylene Pt. 2 (Thom acoustic demo, early version) Disc 14 0:05 - 3:21 Lull (early version, different key) 34:25 - 39:18 Attention (new unknown song, complete full band arrangement) 39:19 - 40:25 unknown jam (nice full band stuff for about a minute) Disc 15 10:12 - 14:43 Lift (maybe the definitive version?) Disc 16 56:25 - 1:00:14 Lift (different mix, not as dynamic) 1:00:15 - 1:04:01 Lift (loudest mix) Disc 17 21:29 - 25:54 unknown new song (Thom piano demo)
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    There are people out there that think Radiohead fans are pretentious. There are also people out there that would buy a Coldplay album over a Radiohead album. On this forum, for the most part, we are here because of a band we love. If I share something, it is for the same reason. Also, that video was actually intended as a Father's day gift, and not my original reason for creating this post. To clarify 1) The MINIDISC remaster is only going out to people who request it by contacting me personally and prove that they have purchased the original album from bandcamp. 2) I really wanted help with deciphering the lyrics from the original recording. Thanks for the apology though. This is the internet, and we all talk shit now and then.
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    This is like I'm marrying my girlfriend next month and someone has leaked the nudes and I haven't seen her naked because I'm a good Christian man and now the nudes have disappeared from the internet and I'm picturing her tits by people's descriptions.
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    Been away a while... yes the files on CI are down, but I still have them all and can upload. Edit: there you are. https://we.tl/t-Z8FZUiYwMI MP3s, I do have flacs somewhere, but come one, these were originally provided as mp3s.
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    I feel I am the man with the most complete account of the Nigel's Bad Blood theory. They made HTTT in a rush. Several members of the band, and Nigel, have expressed regrets over not spending more time on it. Nigel says it's his least favourite of the albums he's done with them. Sources: Wikipedia article, under the "band opinions" section. They fell out over the album in the mixing stage. Thom: "We finished it and nobody could let go of it. 'Cause there was a long sustained period during which we lived with it but it wasn't completely finished, so you get attached to versions and we had big rows about it ... For me it was the last straw." Source. Nigel said "some of the original rough mixes from those first sessions are what you hear on the record. About a third of them actually". Source. Radiohead have given mixed accounts of why they didn't hire Nigel again for IR, initially. Ed said they wanted to get "out of the comfort zone" (source) but later Colin denied this and said Nigel was just busy with other bands (source). Nigel said this about the period later: "We had a little holiday from each other. The band tried to record on their own, which – surprise, surprise – didn't work. Then they tried working with someone else, which also didn't work." (source) Here's the final thing, the one thing I don't have a source for. About ten years ago Nigel gave a talk to music production students at Goldsmiths University in London. This was recorded and put on Soundcloud at some point, but it's long since deleted, so everything I say here comes from memory and hence is unreliable. But I remember him talking with some frankness about how dissatisfied he was with the mix of HTTT, and saying specifically "it sounds brown". I also have a very foggy memory of him saying something like "And I could say more about that, but... well, I won't..." but this could of course be a false or exaggerated memory. All of this made me wonder if there was a bit of bad blood following HTTT, but as the band (even Thom) seem to have come round to accepting HTTT's flaws by the time they were doing interviews for IR, clearly whatever wounds may have existed had healed. And as Twist said, they can't have been that unhappy with each other because Nigel did The Eraser right after HTTT. So all of this is just speculation and they're probably best mates and bumming each other daily.
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    I don't get when people say things like 'a typical Thom Yorke record' or 'one of his best solo songs.' What is a typical sound from him? The Eraser and Tomorrow's Modern Boxes sound pretty markedly different. The former is skittery and beat driven and a little more reliant on guitars and basses as well as choruses, structures that fill the personality of the song... Tomorrow's Modern Boxes seems completely made with computers and is slower, more hazy, far more electronic, and there's almost no lyricism in comparison.
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    So I got a bit distracted and decided to improvise over one of Thom's ditties
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    wait what people are complaining about this? This is an absolutely A++++++ response from the band. They're giving away 18 hours of music and the proceeds are going to a climate action group. If you're whinging about this then you can honestly go f*** yourself.
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    After several listens, I'm surprised anyone prefers anything other than the Disk 15 version. The loudness and energy of that one is just balls-to-the-wall great. It's basically a studio-quality version of the legendary Pinkpop performance. The two on Disk 16 sound significantly subdued by comparison. Damn, I'll admit that I kind of forgot about Lift after they released that tepid OKNOTOK version, but this has made me remember why it's so special. Sad that only extremely hardcore fans will ever know the Disk 15 version. It deserves widespread recognition.
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    Criticizing grammar? Shit posts? Hoserdrama? At Ease is back, BABY!
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    Well, all I can say is I hope you enjoy the many number of free recordings released already (and many by me!). I'd say focus more on those rather than the stuff that isn't released. Especially if you're not taping/producing material.
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    This thread feels like vintage At Ease!
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    @adriaan Could you please visit more than monthly -- the unchecked Russian bot situation has all but killed off real posts. -->Please feel free to like/quote this post to get Adriaan's attention . . .
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    I wanted to try and finish a version of Maybe This is Love. Not using the original audio though, but by attempting a faithful cover with some improvisation and a loop pedal. Can someone please help me with the lyrics? What on earth is Thom singing? I managed this transcribe this during a heightened state of analytical confuzzlement. Maybe this is not the reason This is not the answer so Maybe just get it back Just like a melody line Nobody else can solve your eyes Maybe this is alright You're just going to look to the end Someone's got [cuts out] a way to get back A way to make you whole again Matters will be fine, you will sigh, you will sigh more Maybe we'll swallow you whole You're just looking back at yourself Maybe when the time has come You're just gonna look at yourself Again
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    I asked Nigel to sign my copy of HTTT and he broke the CD in half then pushed me onto the ground and called me a "honky" - I'm not even white.
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    This is a more natural pose with relaxed facial muscles and how I look if you were to glance at me from across the street
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    Quick, somebody apply and steal the rest of the archive for us!
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    Recognizing that I never want to hear "I Promise" again
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    No. I'm sorry but you can never hear it now. You missed it. You should have been a true fan and then you'd have it.
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    It doesn't exactly fit the criteria, but I can't remember if you've heard this or not.
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    I'm only on disc 8 of this. I never want to hear I Promise again.
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    As if they could un-leak it, or something... Dullards.
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    Also, just because I don’t feel like it’s been said yet - fuck the narcs from Reddit who were originally trying to report this to the band so that none of us would be able to hear this right now. What a bunch of fucking hall monitor-ass nerds.
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    I hope that if they do another record they find some energy again. I listened to Bodysnatchers the other day and whatever you think of the song, that’s a really great studio performance. I hope they bring some of that back.
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    No. You're gonna chat here and you are gonna tell us everything!
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    Thom had a threesome with Christopher O'Riley's wife and another woman. She claimed that Lotus Flower was about this encounter.
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    Release it all. We will pay for whatever and everything. Don’t make our grandchildren have access to this stuff long after we are dead and your estate 90 years from now releases it all. Please just make it accessible.
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    I don't get it. They're kids having stupid fun and you're all, like, "why is this stupid"? Get another heroin fix, Sherlock.
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    Yeah that is the best news in a long time. This stretch from AMSP, OKNOTOK, MiniDiscs Hacked, Suspiria, Anima and Ed's solo has been the best Radiohead period since In Rainbows. Great time to be a fan. Edit: I forgot about OKNOTOK somehow.
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    Thom just confirmed Kid A / Amnesiac 20th Anniversary edition. Discussed how he, Stanely and Nigel have been going through lots of material and that they virtually saved everything on disc.
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    I think people are taking the one piece of copywriting too literally. I think ‘fan favourite’ is a good way to sell a song that’s more just clamoured over or mythologised. They probably could have called Burn The Witch a ‘fan favourite’ too even though we’d heard one or two piano chords.
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    We already have Dawn Chorus and it's the beginning of the Burn the Wich video.
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    I fucking a hate you peoples. No fan here? Who the fucking hell are tyou to say this early version is good or this one is bad? Get your shit togheter! Give radiohead sone air to breath. This is bad, this good, i think i'm god, come on
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    There's always someone that prefers to spend their time complaining.
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    It's been a journey that has been unique and worth traveling again. Something most people do not get to experience. I appreciate it.
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    Piano's well easy mate. Just press the buttons.
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    Firt time i write here even if i'm a memeber since a long time ago. I would like to have the lp has much has all of you but i can't get over all the whining! People get your shit togheter please. We've already got the single and it's lift. I wish for more too but try to remember that radiohead don't own you anything. It's a pleasure to read you everyday but please stop to talk shit. And by the way cut a hole is gonna be amazing if the beat is faster. Peace to you all and let's hope lp10 will show up soon.
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    I remember when I first ventured into gen chat I was legit quite horrified and then after a couple of years of being in it it just rubs off on you and then you end up a cunt too. Glad it’s all over
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    my feral keychain is glowing WHITE HOT
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    I think this bears repeating, but I'm almost 100% sure that the Lift version on OKNOTOK was chosen because they had the multitracks for it, whereas I believe these versions of Lift in the leak are all mixdowns/bounces of takes that they no longer have the tapes for, and so couldn't really mix properly to release. This is honestly the only reason I could think of that they'd release that version over any of these.
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    Cause they’re one of the few bands that can pull it off without it seeming pretentious.
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    thom solo show https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a08adef591406e8941f79b56e6e148cc20190606124725/5da746
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    this is fucking crazy. If anyone had said this would happen no one would ever believe them. Nice to see the board back to life as well.
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