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    Been away a while... yes the files on CI are down, but I still have them all and can upload. Edit: there you are. https://we.tl/t-Z8FZUiYwMI MP3s, I do have flacs somewhere, but come one, these were originally provided as mp3s.
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    @adriaan Could you please visit more than monthly -- the unchecked Russian bot situation has all but killed off real posts. -->Please feel free to like/quote this post to get Adriaan's attention . . .
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    I've dug this shit up. I have video files for 7/25 and audio files for both nights. Like this post if you want a PM.
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    As someone who has gone through most of the interviews Ed has done for this rollout, he hasn't. There's been no complaints. He said that usually the band doesn't request or intrude on solo material out of respect (ie. people in the band didn't hear ANIMA until release unless they specifically asked to [which only Jonny did]). He said Colin wanted to hear Brasil early because he was on the track and that Philip wanted to hear the entire album and was very enthusiastic. He said the distance and the lack of seeking approval meant there was less compromise in his final product. Certain posters on here with their fervent desire to look too far into band member's personalities is just bizarre. Let Ed do his thing.
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    even though i know everyone knows about this already and just isn't posting on this wasteland of a fan site, I figured i'd start a thread. favorite gems so far? the tel aviv show is pretty incredible and all the old webcasts from 2000 and 2002.
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    He could just assign someone as a moderator.
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    I hope that if they do another record they find some energy again. I listened to Bodysnatchers the other day and whatever you think of the song, that’s a really great studio performance. I hope they bring some of that back.
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    This board has to get fixed because I just can't do reddit
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    No. You're gonna chat here and you are gonna tell us everything!
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    Thom had a threesome with Christopher O'Riley's wife and another woman. She claimed that Lotus Flower was about this encounter.
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    I went to the Manchester and both Shepards bush shows. I was front row for all of them and Im on that MTV show a few times. I remember the Manchester show Thom looked pretty weirded out that we all knew the lyrics to the songs as the album had leaked at that point especially the 'all hail to the thief all hail to the thief' part of 2+2. I was 17 at the time, somehow convinced my parents to let me go to London and stay with loads of people I'd met on the internet...different times. I remember Bjork played the day after the second Radiohead show and a few of us stood outside the venue to try and hear her. They were good times man, I was just a kid at the time who grew up in a northern suburb and had no real adult experience and I remember being terrified of London as it was my first time there, also remember how expensive everything was and I chose not to eat towards the end as I couldn't afford anything. What's funny now is that I actually cant stand HTTT and think it's their worst album. Definitely a product of it's time.
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    The album was announced on 24th march 2003 https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/71855/radiohead-says-hail-to-the-thief The tour was announced before that, maybe 7-10 days before? So comparable with the first shows of 2016 in that we had a tour announcement, then an album announcement. Different because the album itself was not released for a few weeks though we had the rough mix and final mix leaks by the week of the May tour. I moved home from university for Easter the weekend that the tour was announced and missed it. They were playing Shepherd's Bush Empire and I missed it. I probably cried. I was so determined to make up for this I visited Atease day and night for the next 2 months until I got tickets. At the risk of sounding cheesy I would probably never have had such a long lasting interest in this board, and indeed with Radiohead, without that stressful experience. Anyway I got to go to the Manchester show - a very kind man who I never see around here anymore got 4 tickets in a resale and sold me and another boarder 1 ticket each and drove me from Oxford to Manchester and back for the show. Also bagged the first night of Shepherd's Bush (secured 24 hours before - some "returns" from eBay scoundrels that had their tickets cancelled, possibly). Ed said to MTV that they wanted to kick off tour playing some small shows playing to more of a partisan atmosphere. I remember the excitement of them playing Kid A and Subterranean Homesick Alien as unexpected oldies at the earlier shows. This was in the days when "POST TONIGHT'S SETLIST HERE" meant waiting until midnight for someone to get home and post their reactions. MTV showed an hour of Shepherd's bush night 2 though it was a really odd setup for a pro-shot - lots of fixed cameras and weird angles and people being filmed with their heads cut off IIRC. Shepherd's Bush night 1 wasn't for TV and didn't have any big surprises in its setlist, though the $2 bill show in the US had an almost identical setlist so you could say it was a warm up for that. That's probably enough waffle for now. 17 years, jeeez!
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    i have gotten many thousands of hours of entertainment and knowledge from reddit over the years, but one of the most unforgivable things of all time is the death of the message board reddit is so impersonal. when you have a message board you can get a feel for the people and really carve out a place in the discussion. on reddit you have to hope your thoughts and insights push through the 50 other comments about how people were able to refill their Aquafina bottle with tears after repeated listenings of "Dawn Chorus" in the back room of the grocery store they work at between classes.
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    How did Cuttooth not make it onto Amnesiac? EOB_Official Ed O'Brien/Radiohead 126 points·1 hour ago Now you're speaking my language .. agree Thanks for posting @baba booey
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    on ed’s ama he responds to a question abt his comments on the kid a amnesiac 20th release (and abt minidisc lift)
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    I remember hearing the album announcement on Valentines Day, being with my girlfriend at the time and just not giving shit about her at that point. All I could think about was new Radiohead. I remember Ed being ambiguous about when it was going to be released, and I think the 18th release was a day early? Anyway, I had pre-ordered the Deluxe Newspaper Edition but downloaded the mp3s for the night. I purposely didn't listen to the record for the whole day because I wanted to make an event of it. We go round my friends house (just the massive Radioheaders) and have some beers and a few joints and go up into is room, which was the chillest room (just one of those rooms with a nice pentagonal shape and orange lighting. We put the first tune on, and hear the piano sample creeping in. Jesus christ. Words cannot describe our excitement. I remember hugging one of my friends straight away saying "this is the best thing I'm ever going to here" and it was only the first 30 seconds of Bloom. It was a truly cathartic experience. At one point, 2 of us had to leave the room during Codex and Give up the Ghost because it was just too much! (I kid you not). I truly think The King of Limbs is some of their finest work.
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    I propose or suggest: ME! i'll make this board... FUN...
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    There's literally no hope for this board lol either create a new one with a new owner/mods, or we'll all just have reddit
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    At this point, I'm for this. We could just keeping bumping a post in Main here pointing people toward the new, actually moderated board.
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    Remember when Adriaan pulled the plug and killed atease the first time? We lost so many informations and contacts cause he did it without a warning. (Im still pissed about that, to be honest) It’s most likely that he will do it here again. He lost his interest, that’s for shure. Maybe we should think about setting up our own board? Atease 3.0 anybody?
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    god dammit another one started posting i’m holding my feral keychain tight in anticipation for adriaan to come save the day
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    Adriaan said shortly after relaunch that he wasn’t assigning mods but he’s not here often enough to clean this stuff up so we should really be taking nominations... id like to nominate myself, Scatterbrain the First.
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    The way he says this, and the fact that the sample went uncredited, makes me worry Thom didn't realise that Colin put a sample of an old Isaac Hayes record on it.
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    Uhhh real Kiks or Fabri?
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    I hate how everyone calls them "the boys" on Reddit. I don't know why, but it irks me.
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    From what I’ve seen personally and from what I’ve read, Radiohead were always very serious about their work. They were always very serious about their live performances. Even in the 90s, there was much said about oasis coming on stage drunk and doing half ass shows. I know the band wasn’t not about to go on stage perform half assed like that. But after the shows, the wine, liquor and weed would flow. With Radiohead treating their sound checks as time to work in full band arrangements of newer material, I don’t think they gave themselves the free time to get fucked up before a show. Most likely they were just waking up right before the sound check and again would reserve the drinking and whatever else for the time after the gig, at the hotel or night traveling between cities. Thom gave up smoking in the early 90s to help his voice and even on their 93 tours he wouldn’t talk or give interviews before a gig to save his voice for the show. I do remember seeing beer bottles on stage on some of the 1993 era shows but never after.
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    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share something I put together - I took Thom Yorke's solo piano version of Plasticine Figures and turned it into a full band mix by writing and recording the additional parts - check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/davidporteous/plasticine-figures-thom-yorke-full-band-mix-by-david-porteous Hope you enjoy! Cheers, David Porteous - www.davidporteous.ca
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    I think I must be one of the rare breed who find it a half decent song.
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    Is a Kid A/Amnesiac box set still something that might happen this year? Umm…maybe yes? I’m not sure. To be honest with you, I know it’s the 20th anniversary. We obviously have meetings and stuff like that. If there is something good for a box set…We did it for OK Computer, and that was good, but I’m of the school of thought that goes, “If there’s something really great to be said or done or celebrated, then that’s okay. But it’s gotta be good.” I think the OK Computer thing was good. We had a couple of tracks that had never been heard. The other thing with Kid A is there’s so much more material. With OK Computer, there might be 19 reels [of tape]. I think we got through about 80 reels of two-inch tape for Kid A and Amnesiac. There was a lot more experimentation with the songs, since we were trying to find our way. There’s lots and lots of stuff. [The question is] whether it’s any good, and I’ve got no idea. It’s not my department, really. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ed-obrien-new-album-radiohead-987247/
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    Well here in Australia we are slowly going into lockdown. Can't think of a better time to revisit the mini disk leaks! Be safe everyone! ☣️
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    If it's anything like Latitude, should be good.
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    also being added is 33.3 recurring and the nellee hooper mix of talk show host
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    We're only a few months away from AMSP being four years old. Damn. The wait between TKOL and AMSP was five years. Yet I don't have any sense that once spring 2020 rolls around it will be about a year until LP10. I feel like this time it's going to be a six year gap at least.
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    1) His lack of response can easily be taken as a decision to passively chuck this place. 2) He has rebranded At Ease with a new look and new mission, branching out into promotion and management and records, which pretty much strands RH atease. 3) His otherworld activity, perfectly fine, of course, sure, make money, have a career, have a cigar dear boy, but it would still be nice if he would show a little respect for the site and people (more than a few old ateasers are here) who kinda launched his media presence. Maybe I'm overstating that, but starting this up again and never looking back is . . . a pretty shitey thing to do. (Maybe I'll be banned for saying that! Come and get me!!) 4) I don't know Adriaan, but I sent him two more emails asking for his attention--to two different addresses. I was NICE. 5) Speaking of nice, thanks @duaessences as clay become for a lot of post pushing and bumps. You're also awarded the diplomat award for "he is visibly taking a break". 6) I would never shite on a place I enjoy, have enjoyed. As frustrating as this situation is, I gotta believe it's temporary. I think this place is worth keeping (as I write that I am shaking my head WHY WHY WHY) and I would/will miss it if it gets abruptly shut down.
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    I wrote two messages to him through his FB Page. He did read one of them but didn't answer. The last one is still unread. Its from 28.09.2019 https://www.facebook.com/radioheadnews/
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    Yeah but that's why you make two regular members mods and then just hope they clean up everything for you so you don't have to deal with it lol
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    I think the minidiscs is my favourite thing to happen as a Radiohead fan, used to day dream all the time of sneaking into their studio and listening to the out takes and we somehow got 18hours worth. Can't believe they were holding onto those versions of TLW, MPS, Last Flowers and Lift.
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    i have a jar labeled "thom's river" that i collect all my radiohead-induced tears in and i use them to clean my radiohead and thom yorke records once every 3 months
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    Yeah and they're all labelled like R98? I've got them but they're on an old computer. Been meaning to transfer all the files over because there's a lot of live shows, demos from a lot of bands circa 2007-2016 on there. Gimme a bit? Unless someone else has them?
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    I think to add to that the weird moralistic stance of not listening to the OKC leaks because "the band didn't want me to hear them" is an even worse manifestation of that mindset. With that said, I totally waited a few days to listen to In Rainbows when it came out because I wanted it to be the perfect setting, so I get it to a degree. But I also get what you're saying.
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