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    I fucking a hate you peoples. No fan here? Who the fucking hell are tyou to say this early version is good or this one is bad? Get your shit togheter! Give radiohead sone air to breath. This is bad, this good, i think i'm god, come on
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    There are people out there that think Radiohead fans are pretentious. There are also people out there that would buy a Coldplay album over a Radiohead album. On this forum, for the most part, we are here because of a band we love. If I share something, it is for the same reason. Also, that video was actually intended as a Father's day gift, and not my original reason for creating this post. To clarify 1) The MINIDISC remaster is only going out to people who request it by contacting me personally and prove that they have purchased the original album from bandcamp. 2) I really wanted help with deciphering the lyrics from the original recording. Thanks for the apology though. This is the internet, and we all talk shit now and then.
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    I have it. I sell it for 150 000$. Call me HorseToo.
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    we're lucky to have both
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    The Berlin 2000 version I think is my favourite ever recording by them. Just pure joy.
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    Agree. The mini discs are much more conventional guitars, base, drums, etc. The kid A / Amnesiac stuff was a complete departure. Thinking about Ed's diaries and all the information we now have on those sessions there are bound to be wildly different version of the songs we know today. Regards their judgement, the proof is in the pudding. Ok Computer is an excellent album (and I love electioneering!). What this discs don't show is the tinkering done in the recording and arranging the songs. It's a different process then jamming an idea out in a rehearsal scenario. They haven't always got it right, but we hold Radiohead, as they do themselves, to an extremely high standard. Maybe we shouldn't be so critical and just happy with what we have.
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    The Bends as an album is a great. It doesn't get enough love these days. It needs a proper anniversary release, but I doubt there is much in the way of demos or alternative takes knocking around. 25 years anniversary isn't far away.
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    hmm. no. sorry. 😕 it's alright ma is better than every single radiohead song. homesick blues is.... also better than most, if not all, radiohead songs.
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    Subterranean Homesick Alien kicks the shit out of Subterranean Homesick Blues.
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    Time Out of Mind isn't even Dylan's best Radiohead album.
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    I think someone else mentioned this in wake of the leak, but what really shines through all of this is Radiohead's exceptional ability to get arrangements right; to know when to sit on something, or when to change it, or when to discard it; or when to release it. This lies at the heart of their genius. The fact that they've "gotten it right" more often than not over the course of two and a half decades is remarkable.
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    This is a more natural pose with relaxed facial muscles and how I look if you were to glance at me from across the street
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    I Don't Want To Hurt You has become a real staple of my daily listen to this gigantic pile. Really wish they had at least developed that as a b-side, I think it would fit nicely with stuff like Melatonin or HIMMM
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    For those who missed it, I rewrote Kid A and we played it back in February and it was fun
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    hmm. if i remember correctly, "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" was released as the closing track to Bringing It All Back Home in 1965.
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    I always had faith. And I've always read the release of Flat!Lift as a form of self-hatred from the band regarding this particular song.
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    We've already got EEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD and it's weird fishes/arpeggi.
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    one quasi-solo-ish-esque band named after previous album song next pseudo-solo-esk band named after previous album album! makes sense to me! just wait til he debuts The Erasers
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    Are you the Karma Police? Because you Just Let Down that Creep! I Might Be Wrong, but you didn't tell him How To Disappear Completely from this forum yet! Morning Bell Amnesiac. (new atease is awful, i'll leave again)
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    Quick, somebody apply and steal the rest of the archive for us!
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    Actually optimistic is pretty cool
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    After several listens, I'm surprised anyone prefers anything other than the Disk 15 version. The loudness and energy of that one is just balls-to-the-wall great. It's basically a studio-quality version of the legendary Pinkpop performance. The two on Disk 16 sound significantly subdued by comparison. Damn, I'll admit that I kind of forgot about Lift after they released that tepid OKNOTOK version, but this has made me remember why it's so special. Sad that only extremely hardcore fans will ever know the Disk 15 version. It deserves widespread recognition.
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    OKNOTOK Lift is unlistenable now. Always loved listening to the 2002 version late at night but disc 15’s is balls to the wall mid-90s bliss that makes me wanna take the scenic route with the sunroof open on a perfect day.