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    Open the Floodgates needs a new title and a new title lyric. Come to think of it, so does Skirting on the Surface. LP10 tracklist prediction: Open the Floodgates Skirting on the Surface Beating around the Bush The Tip of the Iceberg The Last Straw Speak of the Devil When Pigs Fly The Cat's Out of the Bag Dog's Dinner Eye for an Eye Actually, Phil has probably already made this album.
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    They were most likely frying their balls off in the forest and/or studio. I had a chance to talk to Stanley for a good 20 minutes at the Atoms for Peace DJ set at MOCA in 2012 and I asked him about the blotter paper in TKOL special edition... he told me it was all Thom's idea and that it was really last minute, too. He got all coy when I out right asked him if they were dropping acid while making the album, but I think it's safe to assume LSD or other psychedelics had something to do with those sessions. Ed's comment confirmed it for me
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    https://www.nme.com/music-interviews/ed-o-brien-solo-album-radiohead-nature-sing-interview-2019-2477408/amp New Ed interview with the NME. Album in September or October, a tour, still looking for a label, Radiohead had a chat in January, solo projects for now, "could be next year, could be ten years' time." Standard. What's really interesting are his quotes about nature and The King Of Limbs:
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    Does anyone remember a radio interview with Ed from the AMSP period in which he said he didn't like Life in a Glasshouse? Or at least didn't at the time they were doing it. He said he thought a rock band trying to do jazz was a bit embarrassing. I know I didn't imagine this but I can't find it anywhere now. IIRC Phil was in the inteview too.