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    I don't think you're all that good.
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    Videotape is beautiful. Identikit is one of their most awful songs as it has the unforgivable cringe-worthy "broken hearts make it rain". The two parts of the song never meld together or play off each other successfully. It gets .1 of a point for hiding the "moon-shaped pool" lyric, but otherwise i would trade out this song for nearly anything else. I'll take three Ill Winds, finished or not instead (to circle back).
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    I don't think AMSP was all that good.
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    The unrealistic wishful thinking of Radiohead fans never cease to amaze me
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    Ι started that thread on reddit. We are not sure if this is a new Radiohead documentary but there is a suspicion because all the other music documentaries of this festival are new or from the last 2 years. And also because they have not share more info about this by now. Maybe the band is planning a surprising anouncement in a few days. We 'll see.
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    no no, please, don't try and post like Ash. No one else can do it, all attempts are sickeningly unfunny. Stop it.
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    Said it a million times but once you sing "I will see you in the next life" you can't keep singing. You have to stop singing at that point.
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    Is this an Ash dupe account?
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    It's a piano-based track, with lovely backing vocals.
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    It's great in the released version. In the early versions where he does a fucking SECOND round of it later in the song, it's real fuckin' hackneyed.
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    I'll record the gig yeah. It's going to be far less complex than what I'd hoped though as me being disorganised as ever didn't bother to schedule any rehearsals in until a month ago and by that time we can only get together once, the day before the gig! so I've had to make some of the arrangements a bit less complex. That said, the people playing are all incredible so it'll be great anyway. I'll post the recording here if its not too gnarly.
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