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    It's pretty naive to think any musician is noble and pure when it comes to other girls, men, both, whatever. I do put some credence in the theory that Thom put out a press release to announce their split because a gossip paper was going to announce it for him, possibly with photos of him and Dajana. It also wouldn't shock me if he and his first partner had ended it, stayed civil for the children, lived together, but had moved on – and that's when he was seeing Dajana, while she was still dealing with her sickness. Not especially kind or compassionate but people are pretty flawed, we all are, and our circumstances are only our own. Pretty easy to also hear the trajectory of that relationship from Amok to Tomorrow's Modern Boxes to A Moon Shaped Pool. The idea he's married an Italian to get her to stay in the UK, that his kids hate him, that he bought a house and doesn't let them stay is pretty far-fetched and a troll or mental illness post. I'd put the sexual escapades – legal or otherwise – in that basket too. Tumblr? ffs. I'm sure there's gossip in Oxford and I believe more on the internet than I ever used to (I remember thinking those 'burn the witch' cards and the OKNOTOK posters were some reddit pr@nK$t3rs). Who knows.
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    Bacon, you alluded to Thom committing a serious crime based off of some random person who created an account on Reddit that is obviously nuts. Their posts were from two years ago. If you make a serious claim like that without proof then of course I am going to be skeptical. I am acting rationally by not believing so random person on the internet that created an account (where if you read this person's posts is an obvious troll) just to troll fans. You said that this t-shirt was an attempt to hide from some crime this person claims that Thom committed. I have been a fan and follower of the band for over 23 years. You should know better not to trust this person. The fact that you alluded to that a t-shirt release was to hide a crime is just stupid. Come on.
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    I'm not really sure why you would bring something up from someone on Reddit. Not sure what your point is either. Are you saying that Thom did some criminal stuff? You didn't say what it was. You brought up his girlfriend and didn't say why. You said Radiohead pushed out AMSP quickly because Thom did something criminal? What about the tour and promotional material. Either you are trolling or English isn't your first language because you are not really saying anything.
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    shut up cunts. New tee tomorrow?
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    I didn't remember much from whenever i had previously read through some of Ed's diary, i feel like this time it felt like it was in 3D or higher, whereas previously it felt more 2D: amazing to read, but still feeling very distant, probably because it was more or less opaque in its finality: there was no indication years ago that we would be able to hear any of the recordings he is describing! (It is still "uncertain" i suppose!) Cuttooth is mentioned quite a bit in 1999! I didn't remember that, and Follow Me Around being in there! Up on the Ladder is in there too, i definitely did not remember that!! http://citizeninsane.eu/media/edsdiary.html
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    Bacon, stop being a troll. I think I know who you so stop replying to me because I will stop replying to you.
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    You really keep digging yourself into a hole, don't you booger?
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    Why I don't read Reddit or bring it over here. Crap third-hand gossip is just that. People say shit for many reasons. You can't believe the stuff that's slung around on the internet. Which is @booger bear 's point. We will never know the whole story about any of this. Do we need to? Linking social media (Reddit/Twitter etc) rumours to this decidedly unattractive T-shirt pop up sale (sorry anyone buying one) seems like maybe the result of too much . . . immersion. My sense is that this isn't trolling. More a mistake in thinking any sort of discussion here would be a good idea. I don't think this is an appropriate place to explore allegations, rumours and such about personal lives. At any rate, no harm done. RH should have offered the T-shirt for free to random WASTE ticket folks!
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    The biggest thing I could find after he/she said to search for Thom's girlfriend's name on Reddit is two people (one account deleted, the other only had posts about said subject) claiming to be family friends with Thom's ex-wife saying Thom cheated on her with his now girlfriend. We already know he cheated on his wife. Crazy Atease fangirls told us about their encounters with Thom. Which I would care to forget. Who cares. It was fun to see inkybrown defend Thom so wildly though. Like 50 messages back in forth with obvious trolls on Reddit. I liked inkybrown. I hope she comes back. I didn't see anything that mentions Thom committed a crime as he/she alluded to. Edit: Also the mention that the release of a t-shirt was meant to hide "crimes" Thom committed is hilarious and weird. That is why I asked if he/she was trolling.
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    I looked up what you're talking about and it is the most ridiculous thing to believe. I don't know why you even conjectured that a t-shirt release was related to obvious trolls on the internet. Do you think the Earth is flat too?
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    Insight is virtually impossible where so little facts are known. A few months ago, people were calling Johnny Depp an abusive POS because they read in the papers that there was abuse in his marriage, and they made the usual assumptions. It later turned out that he suffered the lion's share of it. Maybe he mistreated her. Maybe she wasn't whiter than white and drove him to it. Breaking news: relationships are fucking messy.
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    An HttT one would actually be amazing. I'd love to see your take on Sit Down. Stand Up.
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    can't wait for the hail to the teeth one! coming this summer!
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    Dollars and Cents has such a slinky feel. Should be a great night Rick. Hope you post a recording again.
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    yo so we're doing Amnesiac this saturday at the Vortex in London if anyone fancies it. God knows what it'll end up like, we're getting together the day before again but i"m sure they'll make something great out of it.
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