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    Thom had a threesome with Christopher O'Riley's wife and another woman. She claimed that Lotus Flower was about this encounter.
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    I've dug this shit up. I have video files for 7/25 and audio files for both nights. Like this post if you want a PM.
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    This really isn't brilliant. Scary for the band and genuinely sad for her. That's a genuine mental illness. It's not funny, light-hearted piss taking. It's actually sad.
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    Who was the one that was convinced she was being chased by the FBI and all of Thoms lyrics were talking to her in code? Brilliant
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    In the early 2000s there was a girl that almost got on stage with a backpack full of rocks that she wanted to give Thom. So I know there is a really sick group of people out there and I feel reddit gives them a voice.