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    is this thing on?
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    This is like I'm marrying my girlfriend next month and someone has leaked the nudes and I haven't seen her naked because I'm a good Christian man and now the nudes have disappeared from the internet and I'm picturing her tits by people's descriptions.
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    Doesn't sound like there's any malicious here by doing the remaster and then posting. However, it's REALLY bad form to do it without the permission from the taper. There can be mitigating circumstances, especially if its an old recording and taper is inaccessible, but that doesn't apply here. Some folks think they're god's gift to audio post production, armed with an EQ and multiband compressor. We all have to start somewhere, but I'd recommend taking things slow and learning the craft before posting stuff. Or else you end up creating masterpieces like this: At the very least, ask Jesus for permission first before you decide to "restore" his picture.
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    This thread feels like vintage At Ease!
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    The spelling is actually "whoops". Educate yourself before posting again please. Unbelievable.
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    ...um...is it ok to post in here? Here's my video of the Pittsburgh show on 7/26/18, enjoy!
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    Radiohead have a long history of clearly and succinctly communicating the band's future intentions.
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    /Reddit is a pretty decent forum for Radiohead related fan topics. Love how the same questions are asked hourly Incase you missed the last 30 times it’s was asked in the last 15 mins. All the fan art and spooky weird personal over reacting to Radiohead’s music. And you can post your Radiohead collection of 2 cds from Walmart and get plenty of upvotes and than share your 1993 tour t shirt that Thom signed and get down voted cause some 15 year old thinks it’s a fake.
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    Thanks y'all. I got lucky and had "good" cancer. Low risk of recurrence. I should have many years ahead of me in which to think back nostalgically about the collagen I used to have. But as I've noted elsewhere, it's why Decks Dark is such a meaningful song for me. I listened to AMSP almost exclusively during my first year of treatment, because I found it extremely soothing. A few measures into BTW a deep thrumming string note kicks in, and something about the resonance of it causes part of my brain to just unclench, like taking an auditory xanax. All of Daydreaming but especially the orchestral part at the end has the same effect. And then the lyrics of Decks Dark would come along and just reach in and put a finger on the whole experience I was having... that whole first verse, right? Read it in the context of having a major medical diagnosis. Tumor dimensions on pathology reports, this dread circumference. The grass grows over me? At risk of being overly emotional about Radiohead lyrics for this board, I will just say that the song was a dark comfort to me. I drove myself to six weeks of radiation, five days a week, just enough time to play BTW through DID on the way in. Every time, without fail. On my very last day, when DID came on I suddenly heard the lyrics to it as though for the first time: so let me go upon my way... into another life. Released. It's going to be tough for Radiohead to top AMSP for me. I hope I love LP10 for entirely different reasons though.
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    Imagine being this excited for Bodysnatchers
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    here's what I think: For a few weeks they've each had CDs of unmastered 'rough' mixes like what was leaked with HTTT and after extensive listening they went back to do the FINAL mixes, adding any cool extra bits that were required (e.g. the cutting up of the drums on Myxomatosis). Now it will be ready for mastering, which takes a couple of days or something. I just hope it's mastered well. Some albums are mastered too loudly and they 'clip' (i.e. distort slightly at loud parts)
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    Also, just because I don’t feel like it’s been said yet - fuck the narcs from Reddit who were originally trying to report this to the band so that none of us would be able to hear this right now. What a bunch of fucking hall monitor-ass nerds.
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    Can anyone read any of the spines on those other boxes? Do any of them say anything cool like "Videotape - Discarded Good Version"? I like both versions of Videotape really.
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    Imagine thinking “Hail to the _____” was a Radiohead original turn of phrase.
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    that fucking video is 100% representative of why people think we are complete idiots.
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    Jesus forgives. Tapers don't. :)
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    being young is not an excuse. There are (or were) plenty of young at easers. The difference is that at ease was founded at a time when bootlegs, b-sides, and tour info where not readily available anywhere else on the internet. Participation on an internet forum about the band was far less common among casual fans. You were probably a hardcore fan if you were here getting b-sides and bootlegs. reddit seems to enable the kind of hysterical, unnecessary fanboys and dumb, casual fans that would have never been tolerated here. This place was full of knowledgeable, seasoned fans, so asking stupid questions or waxing on about your radiohead devotion made you seem lazy and juvenile. It happened, but you would totally be judged for it.
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    Hey guys, I don't want to spoil the fun. But no new mods or admins for a while now. Cheers!
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    This was all just a sick trick to get horserama to release the sound check.
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    This is the first time in a week I haven't been obsessively checking this thread. Feels good.