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    is this thing on?
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    Radiohead have a long history of clearly and succinctly communicating the band's future intentions.
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    Thanks y'all. I got lucky and had "good" cancer. Low risk of recurrence. I should have many years ahead of me in which to think back nostalgically about the collagen I used to have. But as I've noted elsewhere, it's why Decks Dark is such a meaningful song for me. I listened to AMSP almost exclusively during my first year of treatment, because I found it extremely soothing. A few measures into BTW a deep thrumming string note kicks in, and something about the resonance of it causes part of my brain to just unclench, like taking an auditory xanax. All of Daydreaming but especially the orchestral part at the end has the same effect. And then the lyrics of Decks Dark would come along and just reach in and put a finger on the whole experience I was having... that whole first verse, right? Read it in the context of having a major medical diagnosis. Tumor dimensions on pathology reports, this dread circumference. The grass grows over me? At risk of being overly emotional about Radiohead lyrics for this board, I will just say that the song was a dark comfort to me. I drove myself to six weeks of radiation, five days a week, just enough time to play BTW through DID on the way in. Every time, without fail. On my very last day, when DID came on I suddenly heard the lyrics to it as though for the first time: so let me go upon my way... into another life. Released. It's going to be tough for Radiohead to top AMSP for me. I hope I love LP10 for entirely different reasons though.
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    Imagine being this excited for Bodysnatchers
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    here's what I think: For a few weeks they've each had CDs of unmastered 'rough' mixes like what was leaked with HTTT and after extensive listening they went back to do the FINAL mixes, adding any cool extra bits that were required (e.g. the cutting up of the drums on Myxomatosis). Now it will be ready for mastering, which takes a couple of days or something. I just hope it's mastered well. Some albums are mastered too loudly and they 'clip' (i.e. distort slightly at loud parts)
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    being young is not an excuse. There are (or were) plenty of young at easers. The difference is that at ease was founded at a time when bootlegs, b-sides, and tour info where not readily available anywhere else on the internet. Participation on an internet forum about the band was far less common among casual fans. You were probably a hardcore fan if you were here getting b-sides and bootlegs. reddit seems to enable the kind of hysterical, unnecessary fanboys and dumb, casual fans that would have never been tolerated here. This place was full of knowledgeable, seasoned fans, so asking stupid questions or waxing on about your radiohead devotion made you seem lazy and juvenile. It happened, but you would totally be judged for it.
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    Hey guys, I don't want to spoil the fun. But no new mods or admins for a while now. Cheers!
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    This was all just a sick trick to get horserama to release the sound check.
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    This is the first time in a week I haven't been obsessively checking this thread. Feels good.
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    Here’s what’s cool about the Lotus Flower drums: it’s a one-bar loop, which is just cool unto itself it flips - it’s placed in different places in the bar at different parts of the song (mainly verse and chorus) so sometimes the first snare is on the 4, and sometimes it’s on the 3 the first and second snare of each bar are tuned differently, creating a neat up-and-down, back-and-forth effect it owns
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    The mixing errors, or what seem like errors, could be entirely subjective. I feel like that little ditty at the beginning is an out-take of a song that spawned the idea for Lift, almost like a nod. It really doesn't belong though. Another thing that bugs me is the synth/strings build up, and the way it abruptly ends. It doesn't thrust into the chorus and create an expected glorious explosion. It's mildly anti-climatic but it works PERFECTLY with the video, and it's actually kinda humorous. That's certainly one way to hide a mistake, unintentional or not. Lastly, the tempo is decidedly slower than the original performances. The studio track runs at 78 BPM, but the live performances are at an average of 84 BPM. It might not seem like a lot, but it makes a huge difference with the flow of the song. It was enough to make me want to do my own edit, so without further ado I'll share it with you guys so I don't feel so greedy. ere is a list of things wot I tinkered: Ed's left channel guitar isn't so nuts Jonny's amazing shit is a bit louder Ed's beautiful vocals are clearer Thom's vocals have gone through a mild de-esser The mix is generally less muddy I added some vintage plate reverb so the song isn't dry like an arid landscape THE SPEED IS 8% FASTER, though bare in mind that it isn't easy to accurate stretch transients in a full mix, so the complicated sections can seem slightly jittery https://instaud.io/2vhN Lift would have been a great standalone single, or maybe the title track of an EP. I Promise and Man o War could have been flung onto the record too, and then all they'd need is the lingering studio version of TLW and possibly a bonus live track (or the alt version of Nude and Paranoid Android). Bang, there's the sexy, raunchy EP we never had. Radiohead are careful with how they churn records out, because they are meticulous and definitely not short of material. During the OKC era I feel like their mission for musical perfection hit its highest, or maybe it was just Thom. Maybe one day we'll get what we've all been wishing.
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    /Reddit is a pretty decent forum for Radiohead related fan topics. Love how the same questions are asked hourly Incase you missed the last 30 times it’s was asked in the last 15 mins. All the fan art and spooky weird personal over reacting to Radiohead’s music. And you can post your Radiohead collection of 2 cds from Walmart and get plenty of upvotes and than share your 1993 tour t shirt that Thom signed and get down voted cause some 15 year old thinks it’s a fake.
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    feels like old atease is back lol
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    the majority of people in the multimedia forum sure WERE on dime and/or on the hub - and that's the original source where tapes are released. Most tapers do not appreciate links publicly posted and we really should not be going to this discussion of 2010 edition because we have been thoroughly over it.
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    As far as anyone knows, I am now. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer... thinking about this actually made me go look and yesterday was the anniversary of the mammogram I had after I found the lump, as it turns out. I'm currently wrapping up breast reconstruction and am on hormone therapy for the next 5–10 years to prevent recurrence, but for all intents and purposes am considered "cured" of cancer. I'll feel better about saying that when I get past the five-year milestone though.
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    It's amazing, actually. I suggest you get a regular one and not the one of the ones with the fancy textures, it was actually unpleasant getting it to the base of my penis when I used one of those. But the default is great. Each fleshlight needs to be broken in though, if you're too used to the the tight grip of your hand, or other textures. After about a week of use, it should be fine. It reconditions the way you orgasm, and it's quite amazing. It's like you use your entire body, really. You have to be careful though. Since the fleshlight is quite big, you don't want to get to erratic with your jerking during climax, as you can hurt yourself a little. But that's an issue I personally face, since I lay down. I don't know if it's an issue if you jerk off sitting, since you have more stability.
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    I've heard many people say that. I can understand their feelings, but. Even if I went all the way to atheism someday, my feelings on this wouldn't change a bit. I just can't have sex with someone who doesn't love me. I've had fap sessions where I'm laying in the afterglow, and I think. I'm so vulnerable now. In a very special way. It just wouldn't feel right to have even a hot woman witness that, there have to be preconditions. Does she like Radiohead? Does she think Amnesiac is their best work, or just a b-sides compilation? Somewhere in between?
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    I do not make money from my written compositions, and these take a great deal more time and effort than someone turning up to a concert with an expensive microphone hidden in their hat. Also, people tend to over simplify and grossly misunderstand the processes involved with a remaster. Personally, if anyone ever came to one of my gigs and recorded a live performance, I'd be incredibly flattered. I'd encourage it to be distributed in every way possible. If one of my official releases gain popularity, and someone decides to post it somewhere without my consent, there are legal routes I can take. Legal routes, because the song is copyrighted and integrated within a digital rights platform that allow me some level of control. Unfortunately for tapers, they are not privy to this control, and it would be absurd for them to ever have it. The distribution of live music is a beautiful thing, and music is the ultimate expression of free speech.
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    The gift that just keeps on giving.
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    I have the first night too, but my wife called dibs on remastering that one. If she doesn't get around to it by the end of the week I'll probably make a start on it.
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    There's currently no evidence to support this and there are boatloads of evidence contradicting this.
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    To be fair, atease is much more dickish than r/radiohead. But the strong personalities makes it more fun. I do think we would do well to cut back on bullying though. Kiks is the greatest casualty here, but I also miss having SLM and Juju around. I think it’s fine to challenge bad opinions or call out ridiculous posts (fleshlights, anyone?), but I think it got to the point where almost everything they posted was ridiculed on principle.