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    I think to add to that the weird moralistic stance of not listening to the OKC leaks because "the band didn't want me to hear them" is an even worse manifestation of that mindset. With that said, I totally waited a few days to listen to In Rainbows when it came out because I wanted it to be the perfect setting, so I get it to a degree. But I also get what you're saying.
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    is this thing on?
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    send me download code plz k thks
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    unearthing of song's trajectories, their histories, what bits were deleted and what were carried over (sometimes 10 years later) is interesting. first, I'm grateful that the band has been able to record and keep as much esoterica as they have over the years. Hours of alternative takes and tracks. Loops and sounds and Thom's scribbles. Ed's diary. I'm still high on the minidisks. They have generated an incredible output of teasers, artwork, video--all of which nutter fans can sift through with a fine-toothed comb. Piecing together a song's history, trajectory, whatever you want to call it--it's great and how many bands can do this? That they have kept all this stuff, and are willing to share it with fans is pretty exceptional. Someone has to go through and pick and choose--how many bands would actually give a shit? The band thinks it matters (maybe not Phil) and we think it matters, so yeah, I'm excited even a year or whatever out from whatever they give us. Not a drunk post, it's not even noon.
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    That band is insane man, isn’t this guy in it too
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    Oh come on, that's not lame, that's fun. It was made for the occasional "Radiohead night" events run by the Japanese Radiohead cover band, who at this point are practically endorsed by the real band. They have XL people there selling merchandise etc. (I was there, it was a tasty cake. The cover band also did a version of Ful Stop that's better than any live version I've heard by the real band.)
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    me & mike hell! JACKSO! yr son tastes like Mikal's Black Sun!
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    the cassette was cool cuz it was its own beast that felt true to the era's "mythos" instead of just being a Here's an out-takes / demo dump tape! eat shit, fans!
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    Ridiculous though it is, pretty impressive actually.
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    appearcomposed is showing off, just like the thread where a new user asked about the live performances of the thief. it’s like establishing territory: sneering at new users. I think it’s genuinely what keeps this such a narrow community that people find hard to get into, and frankly why I personally never really want to take part
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    Gilles Peterson just said he’s doing a show in September with Thom.
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    Someone on reddit has posted an mp3 rip of Ladies & Gentlemen. Rip quality is OK. Track sounds decent:
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    I absolutely hate reddit and especially the music forums. The utmost positivity, the shaming of thoughtful or unique commentary or content if it doesn't align to the main half-a-dozen trends. But considering how expensive any record is off of Waste, you have to be a bit peeved to not get a tracking notice. Or to know when it's shipped. And there is something nice about sitting down and really taking in something you've looked forward to. It is a privilege and a nice part of life for the average suburbam shitheaded schmuck. I waited 24, 36 hours or so to listen to Anima after a haircut, in the winter sun, with a pint of dark ale, looking out onto the park and federation buildings. It was genuinely just a nice... kinda bask.
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    Classic kiks not realizing it wasn’t spoken word...
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    Sweet, that means it'll show up randomly when I'm at work and the ups guy will leave it sitting in the 99 degree heat all day in direct sunlight. Thanks a lot waste...
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    Why the fuck do half of them do weird shit like this: what’s with the fuckin rituals? I don’t understand waiting a month+ to listen to an album you really want to hear because you have this weird “special” first listening experience with buying a record and all this shit. Just listen to the damn music.
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    we're lucky to have both
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    I wanted to try and finish a version of Maybe This is Love. Not using the original audio though, but by attempting a faithful cover with some improvisation and a loop pedal. Can someone please help me with the lyrics? What on earth is Thom singing? I managed this transcribe this during a heightened state of analytical confuzzlement. Maybe this is not the reason This is not the answer so Maybe just get it back Just like a melody line Nobody else can solve your eyes Maybe this is alright You're just going to look to the end Someone's got [cuts out] a way to get back A way to make you whole again Matters will be fine, you will sigh, you will sigh more Maybe we'll swallow you whole You're just looking back at yourself Maybe when the time has come You're just gonna look at yourself Again
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    15 is like a Bends era song, 16 is the same recording remixed to fit with the rest of the finished material. Both are great in their own ways. EDIT: also there is one incomplete take of Lift on disc 13 that almost sounds like an alternate from the same session as the OKNOTOK version.
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