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    They’ll absolutely do SOMETHING and personally I’m not fussed about physical unless there was a single disc vinyl full of bangers.
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    No idea, Zane. Collin was pictured in the vaults like two years ago. I don't believe a physical release will happen in October because of the Pandemic. If we get anything it will be from the Library with a promise of a physical release near the Amnesiac was released in June once a vaccine is being distributed. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Radiohead just did a full on free release of a similiar OKNOTOK Kid Amnesiac via their library as a gift for fans. Kid A is Thom's favorite album of theirs.
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    Via Reddit, seems there were some songs registered on ASCAP recently... ROPE THOM YORKE, FOUR TET, BURIAL HER REVOLUTION THOM YORKE, FOUR TET, BURIAL Hopefully this is the unfinished stuff that was mentioned a while back and they've gone and finished it.
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    Hi all, I thought atease had completely died! Have just rejoined! Hope all are well, hyped for LP10 and surviving 2020. Good to see some familiar names in this thread. Glad to be back in the saddle!
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    They don’t have that energy anymore. It’s been missing since In Rainbows. I’d love them to do something really fresh and full of life but I don’t think they’re interested
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    There aren't that many. Just don't be an asshole and don't waste my time. Thank you so much!
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    more liek a rebekka blank / kenny blankenship restaurant! save me baby booey! you're the final one!
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    Hi, Zane. Hope you're doing well.
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    Suspiria Limited Edition Unreleased Material Anniversary Edition
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    the amount of dirty looks ppl give me wearing a mask in orange county is more than 100
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    I think this pandemic will stop the release of a physical item because of how it would have to include people working in close proximety. Maybe it will be an initial digital release with a physical release a year from now when Amnesiac was released. I wonder though. What song is the C-minor song? Edit: as a Yank fuck this pandemic and fuck Trump in the ass with cattle prod.
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    Yeah but what is your favorite ice cream and why isn't it mint chocolate chip? Or peppermint ice cream. I make a mean pep ice cream. Hand scratch too. Vanilla with mixed pep candies. My daughters love it. When I was young there was a place that sold actual bubble gum in the bubble gum ice cream. What kind of sick troll wants to make kids constipated? You guys want to know something really naughty? I dump soft batch cookies and milk until they become a chocolate chip milkshake. Happy fourth to my fellow Yankees btw. Now's your chance to shoot each other with Roman Candles.
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    man this forum RULES!
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    Feeling like the guys have got one more round of soft-core sex in em?
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    Who would've thought AtEase would be so active in 2020!
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