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    I went to the Manchester and both Shepards bush shows. I was front row for all of them and Im on that MTV show a few times. I remember the Manchester show Thom looked pretty weirded out that we all knew the lyrics to the songs as the album had leaked at that point especially the 'all hail to the thief all hail to the thief' part of 2+2. I was 17 at the time, somehow convinced my parents to let me go to London and stay with loads of people I'd met on the internet...different times. I remember Bjork played the day after the second Radiohead show and a few of us stood outside the venue to try and hear her. They were good times man, I was just a kid at the time who grew up in a northern suburb and had no real adult experience and I remember being terrified of London as it was my first time there, also remember how expensive everything was and I chose not to eat towards the end as I couldn't afford anything. What's funny now is that I actually cant stand HTTT and think it's their worst album. Definitely a product of it's time.
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    The album was announced on 24th march 2003 https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/71855/radiohead-says-hail-to-the-thief The tour was announced before that, maybe 7-10 days before? So comparable with the first shows of 2016 in that we had a tour announcement, then an album announcement. Different because the album itself was not released for a few weeks though we had the rough mix and final mix leaks by the week of the May tour. I moved home from university for Easter the weekend that the tour was announced and missed it. They were playing Shepherd's Bush Empire and I missed it. I probably cried. I was so determined to make up for this I visited Atease day and night for the next 2 months until I got tickets. At the risk of sounding cheesy I would probably never have had such a long lasting interest in this board, and indeed with Radiohead, without that stressful experience. Anyway I got to go to the Manchester show - a very kind man who I never see around here anymore got 4 tickets in a resale and sold me and another boarder 1 ticket each and drove me from Oxford to Manchester and back for the show. Also bagged the first night of Shepherd's Bush (secured 24 hours before - some "returns" from eBay scoundrels that had their tickets cancelled, possibly). Ed said to MTV that they wanted to kick off tour playing some small shows playing to more of a partisan atmosphere. I remember the excitement of them playing Kid A and Subterranean Homesick Alien as unexpected oldies at the earlier shows. This was in the days when "POST TONIGHT'S SETLIST HERE" meant waiting until midnight for someone to get home and post their reactions. MTV showed an hour of Shepherd's bush night 2 though it was a really odd setup for a pro-shot - lots of fixed cameras and weird angles and people being filmed with their heads cut off IIRC. Shepherd's Bush night 1 wasn't for TV and didn't have any big surprises in its setlist, though the $2 bill show in the US had an almost identical setlist so you could say it was a warm up for that. That's probably enough waffle for now. 17 years, jeeez!
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    It would be funny if the post above actually had anything to do with the Kid A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary re-issue but somehow I doubt that's the case..
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    Think this is mostly run by Stanley and a lot of recent posts have just been a way for ol Stan to flog his second-rate art.
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    Too bad they didn't find that live bassline sooner. Adds so much to the song.
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    At the time it was released it was a let down however I really enjoy it now and I'm glad they have this kind of album in their discography. It would be a really solid album if they removed Sit Down Stand Up, We Suck Young Blood and Punch Up at a Wedding. It could have been recorded better too. Too bad they rushed it. Could have been up their in the holy trinity (though I consider ASMP as a classic album with KA, OKC and IR). I need to bring this puppy out again and give it a spin. The vinyl sounds better imo. I have it and can dropbox it if anyone is interested.
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    Bombers is 4 minute warning I think
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    You have to wonder, if they do this they have to include Amnesiac since they were from the same sessions. That also includes the possibility that they could wait a year from now since Amnesiac was released in June the following year. But nah Kid A was their number one US and UK chart album. I really, really hope they do this. If I just get this and one more new album I will be a satisfied fan for the remainder of my years. The photo of Coz in the archive has me to believe that it will indeed happen and what better person than him to do so. Please Colin make this happen!!! I wonder if they have that too poppy version of Optimistic recorded as was mentioned. I need this! Edit: Also, if they included the Kid A non-vocal effect on this it would be nice. Like the live version. Please, Coz.
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    Kid A is my favorite album ever. I swear to god they better give it treatment like they did for OK Computer. To think that we are less than a half a year from this happening. I want to shake little baby Thom and swear to me that they will do this. I will feed you Cap'n Crunch everyday even after the top of your mouth bleeds til almost death unless you give me a special addition of Kid A ala OKNOTOK god damn it you beautiful bastard. I would fuck a hobo that has a wonky eye just like you and throw $100 cash in his face as a long as I get this. Please.
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    Nice! Very cool tone and I think it fits in quite well.
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    More nice stories about going to peak-era Radiohead gigs, cheers boyos
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    2003 music good i always liked iT And loved when people complained about the length(then we got a 36 minute album in 2011 great job guys) like bitch just delete the songs who gives a fuck about the artists intention i miss when thom could sing n dressed normal
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    The Gloaming! 🤢 Right up there with Fasttrack as their worst ever released. And We Suck Young Blood is pushing it. Otherwise I like the rest of the album.
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    don't forget gagging order! or is that the steely guitar or whatever thing?
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    We Suck Young Blood is the only song I skip on any Radiohead album. It's such drag after the momentum of Where I End and You Begin.
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    Thank you!
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    There was those posters that were around a while before the release wasn't there?
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    It is weird how reddit just became echo chamber's for practically everything and any notion or sense of having a voice the way one sort of can here is generally lost... That said enjoy your downvote.
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    Some albums are mastered too loudly and they 'clip' (i.e. distort slightly at loud parts)
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    Even though I dislike around half of the album (Sit Down, Stand Up, The Gloaming, I Will, Punchup, Myxomatosis, Scatterbrain), I still think of it as the last of their 'untouchable' phase.
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