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    if this happened i'd off myself
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    Looks like this AMSP b-side is getting a standalone release tomorrow. http://x-l-r.co/illwind
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    I'll record the gig yeah. It's going to be far less complex than what I'd hoped though as me being disorganised as ever didn't bother to schedule any rehearsals in until a month ago and by that time we can only get together once, the day before the gig! so I've had to make some of the arrangements a bit less complex. That said, the people playing are all incredible so it'll be great anyway. I'll post the recording here if its not too gnarly.
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    Rick, are there any plans to record some or all of this adventure?? If there are not: there is something just as important and exciting about music that happens and is heard and felt, but only during a specific period of life! I am not sure who I would trust to do wonderful interpretations of Kid A more than you! Well wishes on all accounts!!
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    He looks like he just woke up from an all night bender after the red carpet for the film premiere.
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    I've decided that the "one daaay at a tiiiiime" bit in The Numbers is my least ever favourite bit of Radiohead (discounting everything before they became a good band with OKC). It's such a weak, weak, weak melody. Such an energy drop. it reminds me of another weak Radiohead moment : “the worms will come for you” in Man of War. Just a sort of bland ascending thing that thinks it’s dramatic but isn’t.
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    whilst I'm here, any london dwellers, on the 2nd February there will be a listening party of Kid A, followed by my reworks of the music for quintet. you should come
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    i am listening to radiohead
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    And once again, I think the melodies not being timeless "good" melodies is Thom's intentions
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    and whenever he goes out... the people always shout!
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    A new investigation is beginning regarding the stage collapse in Toronto from 2012. https://pitchfork.com/news/radiohead-stage-collapse-new-investigation-to-begin-in-march/ Edit: No, I don't work for pitchfork. The fact that the last two posts here are me linking to their page is just a sign of how dead this place has become lately.
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    So it has been a while since the tour--and we've got a Thom Yorke tour about to kick off. The first post in this thread doesn't include a complete list of the recordings circulating. What do people see as the essential recordings from Radiohead in 2018? Or the AMSP era in general? (VPC had a reddit thread that got me thinking about it.) I guess my personal favorite right now is probably the Cincinnati Schoeps recording. Runners up might be the Chicago 2 nights and Edgar's Philly 1/MSG 3 recordings. I'm not sure there are any Boston/Toronto/Pittsburgh recordings circulating, but those were also some great sets.
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    you done got Plank'd! ?
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    2019 Thom 3 2021 AFP 2 2223 Radiohead 10
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    Nah I prefer the Ole Boys Club of atease. Also someone told me that YAWA is a song that should be "respected" and to stay quiet during a live performance on that sub just a few days ago. Gtfoh with that shit. It's overplayed. They should replace it with D&C.
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    Imagine being this excited for Bodysnatchers