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    As someone who has gone through most of the interviews Ed has done for this rollout, he hasn't. There's been no complaints. He said that usually the band doesn't request or intrude on solo material out of respect (ie. people in the band didn't hear ANIMA until release unless they specifically asked to [which only Jonny did]). He said Colin wanted to hear Brasil early because he was on the track and that Philip wanted to hear the entire album and was very enthusiastic. He said the distance and the lack of seeking approval meant there was less compromise in his final product. Certain posters on here with their fervent desire to look too far into band member's personalities is just bizarre. Let Ed do his thing.
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    i have gotten many thousands of hours of entertainment and knowledge from reddit over the years, but one of the most unforgivable things of all time is the death of the message board reddit is so impersonal. when you have a message board you can get a feel for the people and really carve out a place in the discussion. on reddit you have to hope your thoughts and insights push through the 50 other comments about how people were able to refill their Aquafina bottle with tears after repeated listenings of "Dawn Chorus" in the back room of the grocery store they work at between classes.
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    Yeah and Pablo Honey isn't even song !
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    And yeah, don't hold it against me but I still like a few songs on Pablo Honey, especially Lurgee and Blow Out.
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    I think I must be one of the rare breed who find it a half decent song.
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    Those were the days! Who remembers the user "policeman? His posts were hilarious. I think they went through several google translates. The word "fan" was always "ventilators".
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    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share something I put together - I took Thom Yorke's solo piano version of Plasticine Figures and turned it into a full band mix by writing and recording the additional parts - check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/davidporteous/plasticine-figures-thom-yorke-full-band-mix-by-david-porteous Hope you enjoy! Cheers, David Porteous - www.davidporteous.ca
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    The most painful and worst period of any radiohead era.
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    I agree with everything above.
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    guys i've been telling you for decades that everyone in this band you worship are total assholes. history proved me right.
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    After less than 5 seconds, young man yelled at me "What is this shit, N-word?" and threw a can of sprite to me.
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    This track is just RIPE to be a 10-15 minute live jam.
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    You, Creep, Stop Whispering, Thinking About You, Anyone Can Play the Guitar, I Can't, Lurgee, and Blow Out are all good songs imo. Is it true that Thinking About You is about Bjork?
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    I honestly seem to recall it being about three month. I remember just thinking it must've been some 90s throwback, true to the style, because the wait and whole promotional push was very 'traditional.' Before that, we'd had three Radiohead albums and a Thom Yorke one all with pretty similar 10ish day announcement-to-release cycles. I remember seeing the posters pop up and thinking they were fake. Then again I thought that about the Burn The Witch pamphlets being sent out as well. I guess reddit and their 'I won't listen to the minidisc leaks because it'll make me cry because it'll make Thom angry' ethics rules out such sins as fibbing bout the 'head. I went to Europe and saw a couple of shows, the first time I'd seen them, they were playing some festival shows in Europe and one in Belgium or Holland was selling the it at the merch tent a while before it was due to come out. I think OKNOTOK properly came out a couple of days before the Manchester show (?). They opened with Let Down and then I think they played Lucky or Airbag and I said "fuckin hell, they're going to play the whole album!" Still can't believe they trotted out fuckin I Promise and not Lift in the encore though. They get sentimental and look backwards for the first time ever and botch it. Classic.
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    It is weird how reddit just became echo chamber's for practically everything and any notion or sense of having a voice the way one sort of can here is generally lost... That said enjoy your downvote.
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    I joined in 2003. I had been going to atease (the site, not the message board) for a couple of years at that point, and in March 2003 there was a news post that said something to the effect of: "hail to thief has leaked. we will not post a link here but if you check the message board you'll probably find it". So i signed up. I remember finding the HTTT leak (the unmastered one, yes) on some ftp site. I remember there was a folder in there called "HULK MAKE FOLDER", which made me laugh. This was because there was a user called Hulk, who always communicated in this style. I assume he made that folder. I don't remember too much more as it was 17 years ago, but reminiscing is fun. Oh, one other thing I remember... one of the first topics (maybe THE first topic) i posted was my observation that the spines of the RH albums (as in, the part you can see if you have them on a shelf) so far had alternated between black and white, from Pablo Honey to Amnesiac, and I predicted the next album would have a black spine, which it did, but then I stopped paying attention. when i read reddit sites of various bands i see the same kinds of posts and think, no matter how much things change, some things always stay the same.
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    people today can't handle it. if the reddit crowd saw you welcome someone like that, they'd scream toxic and then go back to crying over some shitty lyric thom yorke wrote.
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    I ONLY listen to radiohead and abba
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    I'll send it to you guys within 12 hours.
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    holy shit it was just some hair. i feel like i just dodged a major bullet.
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    oh man i'm just the opposite rather than be remembered for my at ease posts I would rather actually WANT to be remembered solely for "that guy who kept pointing out that e. smith was FUCKING DEAD!"
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    i had to drive to the post office (didn't even get out of the car) but now i'm worried that it slipped in through the AC and is dismantling my lungs as we speak. thus ends my two month streak
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    christmas comes this time each year
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    i've researched this for years and i'm quite opinionated about it and there's a lot of stuff about the girlfriend (Jennifer Chiba) and Elliott's life at the time that the general public is not aware about. It's very easy to look at him or his songs and say "yeah he was so depressed! he totally did it!" but when you start comparing that to his life in 2003 (clean of drugs for the first time since 2001, working extremely hard on finishing his album, starting to play live shows again), as well as all the bizarre details and flip flopping from Chiba about what she claims happened that day, as well the lies from her about certain things such as that elliott was cutting in september 03 (easily disproved by the autopsy) or that he went cold turkey on his psych meds in august 03 (easily disproved by the autopsy). and then you look into chiba's character and how almost much everyone who's known and spoken about her since elliott's passing claims she's a total fucking psycho that's prone to aggression and manipulation. it's really hard to not think something's fishy with this case when you start to dig into it. and i'm not saying there's some grand conspiracy or she had some ultimate motive for doing it. i'm just more inclined to believe that, if he didn't kill himself, it was something impulsive she did in a moment of passion, and it cost a guy his life. i'm very strong on where i stand on this, but also i want elliott to be remembered for his wonderful, wonderful, music and history rather than "the guy that died" so yeah. i do a lot of research and writing about his music too, to counteract the times when i feel the urge to go on a paragraph long tangent about his passing.
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    That sounds reasonable and more like the usual Ed. 🙂
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    ironic considering Eliot Smith is FUCKING DEAD!
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    thank you @baba booey for telling me.
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    on ed’s ama he responds to a question abt his comments on the kid a amnesiac 20th release (and abt minidisc lift)
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    I've dug this shit up. I have video files for 7/25 and audio files for both nights. Like this post if you want a PM.
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    Oh but I know him... he's a piece of work...
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    Because I'm stuck in the 90s (or thereabouts), I still have my CD copy of the 2+2=5 single. Can confirm it is the same demo Duff linked to on citizeninsane.
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    Would be wild to go back to 2002/2003 atease right now.
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    Ash, you have to leave The Annex. They'll ban you for posts like that. They're so über-sensitive and weak, it's humiliating for everyone!
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    What if Jonny is secretly the meanest member of the band.
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    and have these decades been worthwhile for you?
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    His 'forgotten nice guy who'd chat to you down the pub while you waited for a pint then say bye before he left' schtick has gone. He's a boring, cliché white fucker. The Brazil thing is just classic cultural tourism and talking about 'energising colour and atmosphere' just isn't that much to learn overseas. Maybe Ed's a posh cunt.
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    This whole 'frontman' thing doesn't count, someone tell him selling tickets for 20 bucks to a room of 300 people in a city of 10 million doesn't count. I bet the groupies are even ugly.
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    Ed is kinda coming across as an aloof prick lately.
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