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    sad state of affairs that a thread about Reddit is the most active thread on here bring back 2010
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    AMSP is not good. AMSP is actually incredible.
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    Thom Yorke says Radiohead plan to “do something really cool” with material from ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ https://crackmagazine.net/article/long-reads/thom-yorke-daydream-nation/
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    But how absolutely hilarious is Thom's bass part in Orgy from ACL?
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    Some users on Reddit are saying.... Come on man. There is no issue. Ugly ass shirt but come on man. Who cares.
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    An HttT one would actually be amazing. I'd love to see your take on Sit Down. Stand Up.
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    can't wait for the hail to the teeth one! coming this summer!
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    Dollars and Cents has such a slinky feel. Should be a great night Rick. Hope you post a recording again.
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    yo so we're doing Amnesiac this saturday at the Vortex in London if anyone fancies it. God knows what it'll end up like, we're getting together the day before again but i"m sure they'll make something great out of it.
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    Great interview. Excited for some Thom music and whatever the band has in store for Kid A.
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    @MarkGraceJust for you, Thom did an interview in Crack magazine.
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    Well I'm glad we know who's opinion to completely ignore in the future.
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    If you see them live with headphones, then you REALLY get TKOL.
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    Aside from the areas in which it is completely wrong (Magpie and especially Feral are great), this is absolutely correct. The fan adulation for the live TKOL renditions has always smacked to me of a desperate effort to like TKOL somehow, as if just playing the songs in a band format is a near enough simulacrum of "classic Radiohead" that they can kid themselves into liking them. But it's the songs themselves that are "the problem". It's like when TKOL first came out and loads of fans were saying "oh, you just have to listen to it with headphones". No, if you don't like this sort of Radiohead songwriting you're not going to like it any better with headphones either.
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    If the comment about Nude is a reaction to my post, then you misread. I love the album version of Nude and think it's better than the old version.
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    I am going to play my dick card (don't worry, I have lots of them) and suggest that thinking the live versions of TKOL songs is the "true" TKOL is what the kids call a basic bitch position. The live versions are great and it's good that they exist. But they're reinterpretations, mutations. If they'd actually been recorded like that they would make no sense at all. The brilliance of TKOL is that it's all weird sculptures and constructions, the kind of thing you can only achieve in a studio with a lot of editing.
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    We were pretty close to it around the eraser years.
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    May 18th at the Vortex in London, we're going to the same thing but for Amnesiac. Tori Freestone - tenor saxophone George Crowley - tenor/bass clarinet Dave Whitford - double bass Tim Giles - drums myself at the piano
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    I do think that we'll eventually get those 3 CDs, I really do. And I can't fucking wait. I bet it's got proto Eraser stuff as well.
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    The obvious thing to hope from an IR special edition would be the original Videotape. Perhaps they'll have come round to it by then, like they did with I Promise. Thom recorded three CDs of demos for HTTT, and even gave them titles. I'd love to hear those.
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    I think Gawpers is a great title. It's a nasty, spiteful little word, and very British. So - very Thom. It might be a pipe dream but I wonder if we might get some sort of rejigged version of HTTT one day. All the band members have expressed regrets over that one, so it might be an opportunity to "correct it". Perhaps let Nigel remix it dramatically (Nigel wasn't happy with the original mix) or overdub new elements... seems unlikely but then I was betting against us getting anything like OKNOTOK.
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    The King Of Limbs isn't even that good live. The best songs (Bloom, Lotus Flower, Separator) are good at using the loopy, over-produced, earthy vibe that the album carries. Bloom can be boring as fuck live. Lotus Flower is just a fuzz-fest, but not in a bad way. The crap songs are crap songs because they're lame little experiments they all made pinging off their heads as opposed to great attempts at songwriting. If you're not going to let Thom write a full song, or he isn't going to let himself, you at least need some memorable hooks or a bang-on atmosphere... Morning Mr Magpie, Feral don't have that.