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    Here's the article it's from. And here's a snippet. CHIEF CORONER OF ONTARIO March 6, 2019 11:07 pm Radiohead member, father among those to testify at inquest into fatal 2012 stage collapse By Erica Vella Digital Broadcast Journalist Global News An inquest into the death of Scott Johnson at a 2012 Radiohead concert is set to begin late this month, and an unnamed band member, as well as Johnson’s father, have agreed to testify in the proceedings. Johnson, 33, was killed on June 16, 2012, when part of a massive stage structure crashed down just hours before Radiohead was due to perform at Downsview Park in north Toronto. Three others were injured. The inquest will begin at 9 a.m. on Monday, March 25, 2019 at the Coroner’s Court and will include testimony from 25 witnesses. “They are going to speak about the facts, what took place, what happened in the days and weeks preceding the actual collapse,” said Prabhu Rajan, chief counsel with the Chief Coroner of Ontario.
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    A Moon Shaped Poo. Would have been a good album with the hyphen.
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    Ugh, Feral is amazing live. Shit owned in Berkeley.
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    radiohead doing a cover of radio head with the talking head instead of the head of radiohead!
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    Well Thom's not going to be there, so maybe he can just take Thom's place and sing with the band
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    Hi I have a few vinyls that Im getting rid off In Rainbows (deluxe boxset) King of Limbs (newspaper special edition) Moon Shaped Pool (deluxe special edition) I have a few non radiohead as well (live in mississippi by white stripes which is ultra rare - last ever concert) The listing for in rainbows is: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401713510852?ul_noapp=true I know this is a bit shameless to self promote - but it is radiohead related, and I am needing the money at the mo. Ive looked on discogs to see what the average prices are for these. anyway - just wondering if anyone fancies it?
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    I look forward to MANY future posts by Mr. Kloud Box! i'm sure he'll stick around and be a valid member of our little "community" and will still be here in 3 years!
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    *eats folded street pizza
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    The Kid A blips will most likely be part of Kid Amnesiac release if it happens but it looks like it will.
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    Since about The Bends actually. If this album doesn't produce another hit they'll probably get dropped! Wow Thom looks absolutely worn out in MPIE, I wonder if they'll bother making another album? OMG the album closes with "I will see you in the next life", ah well thanks for the music guys. Well they're on a six-album deal so I guess HTTT could be the last one. "This is my way of saying goodbye"?????? This is it, guys. "Finally I'm free of all the weight I've been carrying"????? This is it, guys. Oh wow there's 9 letters in Radiohead and this is their ninth LP. This is it, guys.
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    Fans love to imagine that the most recent Radiohead album will be the last because it makes the moment feel dramatic and romantic and urgent. They've been doing it since In Rainbows came out.
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    We could read something into this . . . . "It’s also something I’ve been conscious of from past records that Radiohead have done as well. When we did “Kid A” and “Amnesiac,” we did a lot of visual stuff that was really important to the music. Like the blips—we did these 15-second, 20-seconds, 30-second bits and pieces—which to me, were almost important as what we were doing in the studio. So, I’ve become confused . . . . " So maybe it will just be the "Previously Unreleased Blips" Release. (And one of them will be five minutes. Just BECAUSE.)
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    So here are the possible contenders for the next release? (5, if ever) RH live from North America/2018 tour, (2) a Thom/Nigel release, (3) a Kid A/Amnesiac reissue with or without tidbits, (1) Ed's solo album (overdue already), and (4) LP10 (a year out from now at least). Anything else? I feel like I'm forgetting something. I have a hunch they won't use the North America recordings until much later--but I do hope they do find some good stuff there.
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    is radiohead a good guy? would you trust radiohead to feed your cat while you're out of town?
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    Yes, there is speculation of a live show release from the last tour. In the NA tour they had professional recorders. I saw them at the Columbus show. They might have canceled it but I would wager that if it will be released it will be in May. If it isn't released in May then I assume whatever project they were doing was canceled.
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    It wasn't finished. All Thom said was that he liked the song and was pushing for it. They probably didn't work on it too much. It was posted on Reddit by someone, but they were a reliable poster IIRC. I believe it was someone I met at the show I went to, but idk.
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    Thom's bass part in the live version of Amazing Sounds of Orgy is really funny. I want everyone to agree with me on this. It's just really, really funny.
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    Amnesiac??!! That will be incredible!! It does seem that to play through each song in sequence would bring many elusive and fascinating emotions that will build upon eachother in ways that you will find very surprising; not because it is Radiohead's music, but, because it is specifically that music, those compositions and your group transformations of them! I am glad that somehow about a year after atease disappeared, that it is once again here and that many of us found our way back! I get what Zane is saying, that it is not exactly active, but it is allowing discussion and chatting to happen very gradually and naturally which is especially good for between~times such as this!
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    Nirvana doesn't seem like a very apt comparison given they only made three studio albums. There's a pretty clear arc in those three records, and from my perspective they never feel as same-y as Beach House within the same record. I like Beach House generally, but definitely relate to the sentiment of listening to an album and finding little variation, and then experiencing the same from album to album. I did think 7 felt like a change of pace, but didn't much care for it. Nirvana is interesting. Bleach was heavy and pretty unrefined, and only in hindsight did you see the genesis of songsmith Kurt (for example, About a Girl) that emerged on Nevermind. Then In Utero sort of fused the noisier and unrefined side of Bleach with the songcraft and more polished writing of Nevermind. I think that's probably why many feel In Utero is the best summation of what Nirvana was over their career, and fits within an arc that makes pretty clear sense. It is interesting to think about what might have happened after that record had Kurt not killed himself. I do think that if they were five or six records on mining the same sound as those first three records people would have probably started to criticize more. Even Kurt after In Utero acknowledged he wasn't sure how much further they could take their sound with the same lineup and setup, so it's interesting to wonder what might have happened.