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    Been away a while... yes the files on CI are down, but I still have them all and can upload. Edit: there you are. https://we.tl/t-Z8FZUiYwMI MP3s, I do have flacs somewhere, but come one, these were originally provided as mp3s.
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    No. You're gonna chat here and you are gonna tell us everything!
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    Thom had a threesome with Christopher O'Riley's wife and another woman. She claimed that Lotus Flower was about this encounter.
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    I've dug this shit up. I have video files for 7/25 and audio files for both nights. Like this post if you want a PM.
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    I’m making a succulent Chinese meal
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    I nominate fxbrokerszef as a new moderator
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    Actually! my memory failed me there, it seems. The loophole samples were available as wav files originally, weren't they? So I guess if anyone really needs them I can upload the flacs as well.
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    I'm more into fellowship, but thanks, I'm flattered if anyone remembers me from the old board. Lost my path for a bit, but I'll drop by more often now. Blame the duff dude (thanks james).
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    damn! i click-ied thinking 'foreign currency exchange brokers' was gonna be a leak from LP10! fxbrokerszef fu!
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    I see that you know your judo well.
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    I wish I had nachos right now
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    Yes! We like to watch. I want to see and hear it all!
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    i have a jar labeled "thom's river" that i collect all my radiohead-induced tears in and i use them to clean my radiohead and thom yorke records once every 3 months
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    Amazing! Thanks forward, really stoked to hear these
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    I don’t really want to talk about my damn life here! It’s not 2009
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