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    plus don't gorget how east to abuse it is!
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    Or an OKC leak-esque version of Motion Picture Soundtrack!
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    I would like 1 acoustic live debut of Cuttooth please.
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    I remember seeing the setlist for Cambridge 2010 for the first time and thinking it HAD to be fake because it had 2 new songs as well as fucking DAILY MAIL and I FROZE UP.?!?! Wild times. I hope we get some really deep cuts and new songs 🙂
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    The way he says this, and the fact that the sample went uncredited, makes me worry Thom didn't realise that Colin put a sample of an old Isaac Hayes record on it.
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    Booger bear , you should politely request that Ash make a digital mixtape for you :) :) He is one of the best of all time at that particular medium!! it is even possible to say that nobody does it better!! Your post brought me to contemplate my earlier floatings through these unique light and sound oceans, and being on some of the same islands as Ash!
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