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    Breadcrumbs neatly here in one place. Next year is the 20th anniversary of Kid A — how does that feel? Phil: "It was interesting with the OK Computer release that we did. Having a chance to go back in, go through that entire archive and realize how much work was generated at that point. I think there’s a similar thing around Kid A as well. We’ve not listened back to the outtakes and the other things we were working. I know there’s a wealth of stuff there. Whenever you make a record there’s a time when you are collectively, individually, emotionally, physically — sometimes you leave these things open. With Ok Computer, we closed that door. Kid A was a difficult album to make. It’ll be interesting. Opening that one will be interesting. It’ll all come flooding back. It wasn’t the happiest of times. But I think the music was pretty good." Ready for the band to open that door. Their comments seem to support a reissue with some either unknown and/or unfinished tracks. Was it four studios where they worked on tracks? So they should have a lot of "material." Even if they are "careful" about what they put out, what do they have to worry about, really? Some of the OKNOTOK stuff is bonkers (even if we love it). Lots of pointers to this happening in 2020, not the least of which is what they did for OK Computer. I expect and hope they will do this up. And if Amnesiac is included the wish for that double album that didn't happen is granted. Interested to hear any early/alternate versions of Dollars and Cents, along with *advert voice* "much much more!"
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    I listen to probably seven or eight hours of music a day, headphones on, without exaggeration, and I'm a very attentive listener. That probably includes about 10% Radiohead. They're a good band imo. General is a waste of time. Nothing is more boring to me than talking about music in general. Go specific, go deep, or go home. If you think me posting small Radiohead observations in this thread is pushing it, think of the response I'd get for doing the same thing about a Pinkerton B-side in General. Those go somewhere else.
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    Interesting comments there from Phil. Can't wait to see what possibly they have to release. 🙂
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    Does anyone know which Alice Coltrane song Colin played a bass line over to help create Dollars and Cents? Why does no interviewer think to ask? Be cool if the supposedly 11-minute Copenhagen jam of $+C were part of the funky extras. Not counting on it of course. Ed could just be messing around in his diary entries, after all. Bring on the remastered blips.