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    Thanks Mossy i’d love to do Feels but I’m not sure how much commercial appeal that would have. We’re definitely doing Kid A again somewhere else though. Hopefully we’ll not fuck the start of the title track up next time. Amnesiac is next for sure, probably in 3 months time
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    here it is: https://ufile.io/odavr we only got together the day before and some of it was quite hard and as a result there are some annoying goofs in places but the vibe is still there, I think. My fault for not organising rehearsals! Thought it may be of interest if anyone is still here. also i didn't think about what to do with EIIRP so i just kind of fucked around. last minute jazz. there's the excuses out of the way. ps arrangements are by me and i'm playing the piano
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    Looks like you made it to the reddit page. Will listen from this when I get the chance since it's easier than downloading.
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    Just saw this pop up on Reddit: Colin browsing master tapes for what looks like sessions for The Bends... Juicy tidbits include a song called "Interstate 5" and the fact that there's an alternate outro for Lewis (Mistreated) !!! But is this just Colin browsing around for fun, or do you think they're gearing up for a Bends 25th anniversary or something?
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    Hi I have a few vinyls that Im getting rid off In Rainbows (deluxe boxset) King of Limbs (newspaper special edition) Moon Shaped Pool (deluxe special edition) I have a few non radiohead as well (live in mississippi by white stripes which is ultra rare - last ever concert) The listing for in rainbows is: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401713510852?ul_noapp=true I know this is a bit shameless to self promote - but it is radiohead related, and I am needing the money at the mo. Ive looked on discogs to see what the average prices are for these. anyway - just wondering if anyone fancies it?
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    *eats folded street pizza
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    Fans love to imagine that the most recent Radiohead album will be the last because it makes the moment feel dramatic and romantic and urgent. They've been doing it since In Rainbows came out.
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    We could read something into this . . . . "It’s also something I’ve been conscious of from past records that Radiohead have done as well. When we did “Kid A” and “Amnesiac,” we did a lot of visual stuff that was really important to the music. Like the blips—we did these 15-second, 20-seconds, 30-second bits and pieces—which to me, were almost important as what we were doing in the studio. So, I’ve become confused . . . . " So maybe it will just be the "Previously Unreleased Blips" Release. (And one of them will be five minutes. Just BECAUSE.)
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    is radiohead a good guy? would you trust radiohead to feed your cat while you're out of town?
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    Yes, there is speculation of a live show release from the last tour. In the NA tour they had professional recorders. I saw them at the Columbus show. They might have canceled it but I would wager that if it will be released it will be in May. If it isn't released in May then I assume whatever project they were doing was canceled.
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    It wasn't finished. All Thom said was that he liked the song and was pushing for it. They probably didn't work on it too much. It was posted on Reddit by someone, but they were a reliable poster IIRC. I believe it was someone I met at the show I went to, but idk.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/feb/18/chasing-rainbows-radiohead-emi-guy-hands-terra-firma Interesting read.
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    Thom's bass part in the live version of Amazing Sounds of Orgy is really funny. I want everyone to agree with me on this. It's just really, really funny.
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    Amnesiac??!! That will be incredible!! It does seem that to play through each song in sequence would bring many elusive and fascinating emotions that will build upon eachother in ways that you will find very surprising; not because it is Radiohead's music, but, because it is specifically that music, those compositions and your group transformations of them! I am glad that somehow about a year after atease disappeared, that it is once again here and that many of us found our way back! I get what Zane is saying, that it is not exactly active, but it is allowing discussion and chatting to happen very gradually and naturally which is especially good for between~times such as this!
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    As in the Animal Collective album? That would be brilliant.
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    I found myself taken back to both the first time that i listened to KID A, and the earliest days of when I started to listen to jazz..!! Rick, I never thought i would get to return to those moments and experiences! To me it is a clear indication that, even more than i had previously realized, you really have a musical mind and overall self that can reach the essences of why ideas within compositions work the ways that they do, and why they can reach and resonate with people. This allows you and your group to recreate and combine them in ways that are pure. Non-jazz-listeners may be confused by the word pure but it is basically "a location that feels unusually and truly pure" that musicians, with a rich tradition of it occurring within jazz, can reach, and take the listeners and audiences with them. KID A as an album is especially an unusually potent dance between a still purity and a chaotic purity. This is by far one of my favorite jazz recordings, so thank you for creating!! The combination of mic placement, not overpracticing, and the arrangements themselves, it is the same as a classic Village Vanguard recording to me! I am glad to hear that you will continue this method at the Vortex!! Hopefully Feels is on the way this year or next!!
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    Very nice! Favorites were Kid A and The National Anthem.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiwTXzQnYqI. recording the horns on Kid A
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    I’d read a 33 1/3 book about Radiohead written by Duff, tbh.
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    Regardless. Good photos and it is interesting that he is posing with some old Radiohead tapes. Since the tapes were limited with OK Computer I don't think there is a realistic option of doing a Bends Anniversary edition. BUT I really hope they do a Kid Amnesiac. Especially since Nigel said they had a lot of tapes from those sessions. Also, Colin is awesome.
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    meanwhile his retarded little brother Amnesiac is going to be 17 FOREVER! ? j
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    This is the first time I've ever heard of this and I wouldn't have ever heard of it if you hadn't made this thread, so you are the asshole really!
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    I'm a firm believer that Ed has been the reason why Radiohead stayed a cohesive unit. He seems to be the logical no-nonsense guy that is happy to take a punch and retaliate with "I still love you. Let's all calm down OK?". I bet the worst thing he's ever done is infect a computer with a porn virus. Funny how the quiet ones end up being the most ambitious. Phil and Jonny have been very busy as writers. We're still waiting for Ed's WIP album "Dried Fruit" and Colin's collaboration with Sherbert Handcock.