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    Here are my highlights. Disc 1 15:54 - 22:29 True Love Waits (early version, full band arrangement) 38:13 - 43:11 Airbag (early version, The Bends-esque arrangement) Disc 2 1:00:53 - 1:06:18 unknown instrumental piece Disc 3 12:10 - 16:11 Nude (early version, alt OKNOTOK cassette version, more vocals) Disc 4 33:01 - 38:04 Motion Picture Soundtrack (very different early version) 43:02 - 48:02 Airbag (early electric version) 48:03 - 53:27 The Tourist (early version) 53:21 - 57:34 Palo Alto (early) Disc 5 5:43 - 13:44 Paranoid Android (early version, longer) 13:45 - 16:45 jamming w/ tape loop effects (pretty cool jam) 18:08 - 25:53 unknown song (synth-heavy, crazy chorus chords, interesting) 33:58 - 37:41 No Surprises (alternate studio take) 38:14 - 42:40 Attention (unreleased song, full band studio version) Disc 7 2:42 - 7:16 Last Flowers (full band early version) 7:17 - 9:28 Melatonin (alternate version, cool but not essential) 9:29 - 11:42 unknown song (loose but composed, pretty cool) 11:43 - 15:02 instrumental jam (spacey) 27:52 - 28:20 unknown song (incredible! full band) 29:18 - 35:04 Airbag (cool early version! full band) 35:05 - 42:09 Let Down (early version, full band, incredible) 44:00 - 55:29 Radiohead funk jam (!) Disc 9 2:40 - 7:30 unknown new song (very un-Radiohead, 90s w/ organ) 12:51 - 15:03 Karma Police (organ version, interesting) 17:32 - 20:40 Last Flowers (absolutely bonkers version) 35:23 - 37:59 Life in a Glasshouse (full band, pretty weird) 38:00 - ??:?? Life in a Glasshouse (Thom acoustic demo) 51:01 - 53:38 A Reminder (acoustic demo, real nice) Disc 10 13:13 - 18:01 The Bends (4-track demo, previously released but new to me) Disc 13 1:45 - 5:42 Palo Alto (Thom acoustic demo, early version) 47:33 - 50:20 Polyethylene Pt. 2 (Thom acoustic demo, early version) Disc 14 0:05 - 3:21 Lull (early version, different key) 34:25 - 39:18 Attention (new unknown song, complete full band arrangement) 39:19 - 40:25 unknown jam (nice full band stuff for about a minute) Disc 15 10:12 - 14:43 Lift (maybe the definitive version?) Disc 16 56:25 - 1:00:14 Lift (different mix, not as dynamic) 1:00:15 - 1:04:01 Lift (loudest mix) Disc 17 21:29 - 25:54 unknown new song (Thom piano demo)
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    This is like I'm marrying my girlfriend next month and someone has leaked the nudes and I haven't seen her naked because I'm a good Christian man and now the nudes have disappeared from the internet and I'm picturing her tits by people's descriptions.
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    After several listens, I'm surprised anyone prefers anything other than the Disk 15 version. The loudness and energy of that one is just balls-to-the-wall great. It's basically a studio-quality version of the legendary Pinkpop performance. The two on Disk 16 sound significantly subdued by comparison. Damn, I'll admit that I kind of forgot about Lift after they released that tepid OKNOTOK version, but this has made me remember why it's so special. Sad that only extremely hardcore fans will ever know the Disk 15 version. It deserves widespread recognition.
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    Criticizing grammar? Shit posts? Hoserdrama? At Ease is back, BABY!
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    Well, all I can say is I hope you enjoy the many number of free recordings released already (and many by me!). I'd say focus more on those rather than the stuff that isn't released. Especially if you're not taping/producing material.
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    This thread feels like vintage At Ease!
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    Recognizing that I never want to hear "I Promise" again
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    No. I'm sorry but you can never hear it now. You missed it. You should have been a true fan and then you'd have it.
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    It doesn't exactly fit the criteria, but I can't remember if you've heard this or not.
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    I'm only on disc 8 of this. I never want to hear I Promise again.
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    As if they could un-leak it, or something... Dullards.
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    Also, just because I don’t feel like it’s been said yet - fuck the narcs from Reddit who were originally trying to report this to the band so that none of us would be able to hear this right now. What a bunch of fucking hall monitor-ass nerds.
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    I think this bears repeating, but I'm almost 100% sure that the Lift version on OKNOTOK was chosen because they had the multitracks for it, whereas I believe these versions of Lift in the leak are all mixdowns/bounces of takes that they no longer have the tapes for, and so couldn't really mix properly to release. This is honestly the only reason I could think of that they'd release that version over any of these.
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    Cause they’re one of the few bands that can pull it off without it seeming pretentious.
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    That's actually quite a handy guide, thanks dude (hate the doc with people going OMG THIS MADE ME CRY)
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    As stuff I'll treasure and listen to once the novelty is gone. Probably the jams, the band stuff from disc 15, still poring through it Some of the Thom solo guitar work is scrappy fun and inventive and heartfelt even if the lyrics sometimes stink. Could be inspiring. I'm starting to see the whole thing in a lesson in whittling down and refining... With the end product being OK Computer, which I'm already starting to appreciate even more! I've always seen music as sculpture... Here we have a band bursting with sound. And sometimes it's about removing, to find the final form. Stuff like the riff-happy Airbag, a clear example, vamping is fun but no form here is a patch on the OKC version. The TLW versions, I can see why it didn't happen, although I long for it like the 96 version, Gagging Order production with arpeggiated bleeps... I think they strive too much sometimes, and throw too much on for an epic feel. Some songs suit being stark, heartfelt, and naked MPS I'm not sure is in the same boat. I'm REALLY liking it in its various forms here... The full band arrangement hints more at a true lost song than TLW's clunky takes. I suppose the stuff I'll most treasure is Radiohead being Radiohead. The parts where I can listen and not have to compare. And tbh, it's fucking excellent and personally uplifting that my favourite period of the band is here in such a document. If you asked me a week ago, what Radiohead stuff I want in my heart of hearts, I don't think I would dared to have dreamt this big
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    berkeley 2017 stems hoarderrama posted a revised link on the next page because he thinks people are interested in emailing him for some reason
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    thom solo show https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a08adef591406e8941f79b56e6e148cc20190606124725/5da746
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    All of my obsession comes from love. I love Radiohead and the music they produce. They are my favorite band of all time. They are "that band" to me.
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    this is fucking crazy. If anyone had said this would happen no one would ever believe them. Nice to see the board back to life as well.
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    I did a naughty thing to the disc 15 Lift, so DM me if you want a free kitten.