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    no no, please, don't try and post like Ash. No one else can do it, all attempts are sickeningly unfunny. Stop it.
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    here it is: https://ufile.io/odavr we only got together the day before and some of it was quite hard and as a result there are some annoying goofs in places but the vibe is still there, I think. My fault for not organising rehearsals! Thought it may be of interest if anyone is still here. also i didn't think about what to do with EIIRP so i just kind of fucked around. last minute jazz. there's the excuses out of the way. ps arrangements are by me and i'm playing the piano
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    Nirvana doesn't seem like a very apt comparison given they only made three studio albums. There's a pretty clear arc in those three records, and from my perspective they never feel as same-y as Beach House within the same record. I like Beach House generally, but definitely relate to the sentiment of listening to an album and finding little variation, and then experiencing the same from album to album. I did think 7 felt like a change of pace, but didn't much care for it. Nirvana is interesting. Bleach was heavy and pretty unrefined, and only in hindsight did you see the genesis of songsmith Kurt (for example, About a Girl) that emerged on Nevermind. Then In Utero sort of fused the noisier and unrefined side of Bleach with the songcraft and more polished writing of Nevermind. I think that's probably why many feel In Utero is the best summation of what Nirvana was over their career, and fits within an arc that makes pretty clear sense. It is interesting to think about what might have happened after that record had Kurt not killed himself. I do think that if they were five or six records on mining the same sound as those first three records people would have probably started to criticize more. Even Kurt after In Utero acknowledged he wasn't sure how much further they could take their sound with the same lineup and setup, so it's interesting to wonder what might have happened.
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    Videotape is beautiful. Identikit is one of their most awful songs as it has the unforgivable cringe-worthy "broken hearts make it rain". The two parts of the song never meld together or play off each other successfully. It gets .1 of a point for hiding the "moon-shaped pool" lyric, but otherwise i would trade out this song for nearly anything else. I'll take three Ill Winds, finished or not instead (to circle back).
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    I don't think you're all that good.
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    I don't think AMSP was all that good.
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    if this happened i'd off myself
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    Just saw this pop up on Reddit: Colin browsing master tapes for what looks like sessions for The Bends... Juicy tidbits include a song called "Interstate 5" and the fact that there's an alternate outro for Lewis (Mistreated) !!! But is this just Colin browsing around for fun, or do you think they're gearing up for a Bends 25th anniversary or something?
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    Looks like this AMSP b-side is getting a standalone release tomorrow. http://x-l-r.co/illwind
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    I'd hate to come to this conclusion over a list of song titles. >"A Moon Shaped Pool featuring the song Ful Stop" >"Wow. Radiohead can't even spell now. They might as well retire."
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    During the "if you are on the top" verse in Bangers and Mash, Thom sounds extraordinarily like Yakko from the Animaniacs.
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    Please don’t criticise Bach
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    Don't get me wrong—I really, really like Beach House. I have everything from Devotion to 7 on vinyl (except Lucky Stars, still need to grab that). I think they make an awesome noise and I hope to see them do it live sometime soon! What I mean by "artistic integrity" is the constant refining and reworking of a song until it's perfect. We all know about Radiohead's perfectionism and them sitting on songs for years or decades to ensure they're "right". Same thing goes for Grizzly Bear's latest album—you can tell they toiled over making a perfect album, and in my humble opinion, they did. I get why some people aren't as into Deerhunter, especially the last two albums, but Halcyon Digest is still one of the best albums of this decade and was quite the artistic statement. I'm sure Beach House toils as well, but I don't feel like they push themselves as hard as they could and are a bit too comfortable in their sound, though I admit 7 was a huge step in the right direction compared to Lucky Stars/Depression Cherry (at least for me personally). As far as Nirvana is concerned, they were really only in the spotlight for 2.5 years before Kurt died and thus didn't have enough time to grow. I'm sure Kurt's musical output would have matured as he aged—and we got a glimpse of what could have been with Unplugged. I'd like to think he would have completely given up on distortion and power chords by the late 90s 🙂 And yes, Scatterbrain is still in my top 10 favorite Radiohead songs. Dunno if they'll ever top Daydreaming though, that shit is pure magic. I hope I'm wrong, though!
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    The unrealistic wishful thinking of Radiohead fans never cease to amaze me
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    After that spicey Mexican food yesterday, I had of bit of ill wind.
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    It's great in the released version. In the early versions where he does a fucking SECOND round of it later in the song, it's real fuckin' hackneyed.
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    I'll record the gig yeah. It's going to be far less complex than what I'd hoped though as me being disorganised as ever didn't bother to schedule any rehearsals in until a month ago and by that time we can only get together once, the day before the gig! so I've had to make some of the arrangements a bit less complex. That said, the people playing are all incredible so it'll be great anyway. I'll post the recording here if its not too gnarly.
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    He looks like he just woke up from an all night bender after the red carpet for the film premiere.
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    whilst I'm here, any london dwellers, on the 2nd February there will be a listening party of Kid A, followed by my reworks of the music for quintet. you should come
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    Regardless. Good photos and it is interesting that he is posing with some old Radiohead tapes. Since the tapes were limited with OK Computer I don't think there is a realistic option of doing a Bends Anniversary edition. BUT I really hope they do a Kid Amnesiac. Especially since Nigel said they had a lot of tapes from those sessions. Also, Colin is awesome.
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    Maybe it’s part of the Kida stuff and Colin got lost. Only good old things should come from them being bored and digging around the old master tapes.
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    I'm a firm believer that Ed has been the reason why Radiohead stayed a cohesive unit. He seems to be the logical no-nonsense guy that is happy to take a punch and retaliate with "I still love you. Let's all calm down OK?". I bet the worst thing he's ever done is infect a computer with a porn virus. Funny how the quiet ones end up being the most ambitious. Phil and Jonny have been very busy as writers. We're still waiting for Ed's WIP album "Dried Fruit" and Colin's collaboration with Sherbert Handcock.