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    Thanks Mossy i’d love to do Feels but I’m not sure how much commercial appeal that would have. We’re definitely doing Kid A again somewhere else though. Hopefully we’ll not fuck the start of the title track up next time. Amnesiac is next for sure, probably in 3 months time
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    no no, please, don't try and post like Ash. No one else can do it, all attempts are sickeningly unfunny. Stop it.
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    here it is: https://ufile.io/odavr we only got together the day before and some of it was quite hard and as a result there are some annoying goofs in places but the vibe is still there, I think. My fault for not organising rehearsals! Thought it may be of interest if anyone is still here. also i didn't think about what to do with EIIRP so i just kind of fucked around. last minute jazz. there's the excuses out of the way. ps arrangements are by me and i'm playing the piano
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    Looks like you made it to the reddit page. Will listen from this when I get the chance since it's easier than downloading.
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    Nirvana doesn't seem like a very apt comparison given they only made three studio albums. There's a pretty clear arc in those three records, and from my perspective they never feel as same-y as Beach House within the same record. I like Beach House generally, but definitely relate to the sentiment of listening to an album and finding little variation, and then experiencing the same from album to album. I did think 7 felt like a change of pace, but didn't much care for it. Nirvana is interesting. Bleach was heavy and pretty unrefined, and only in hindsight did you see the genesis of songsmith Kurt (for example, About a Girl) that emerged on Nevermind. Then In Utero sort of fused the noisier and unrefined side of Bleach with the songcraft and more polished writing of Nevermind. I think that's probably why many feel In Utero is the best summation of what Nirvana was over their career, and fits within an arc that makes pretty clear sense. It is interesting to think about what might have happened after that record had Kurt not killed himself. I do think that if they were five or six records on mining the same sound as those first three records people would have probably started to criticize more. Even Kurt after In Utero acknowledged he wasn't sure how much further they could take their sound with the same lineup and setup, so it's interesting to wonder what might have happened.
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    Videotape is beautiful. Identikit is one of their most awful songs as it has the unforgivable cringe-worthy "broken hearts make it rain". The two parts of the song never meld together or play off each other successfully. It gets .1 of a point for hiding the "moon-shaped pool" lyric, but otherwise i would trade out this song for nearly anything else. I'll take three Ill Winds, finished or not instead (to circle back).
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    I don't think you're all that good.
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    I don't think AMSP was all that good.
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    if this happened i'd off myself
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    I started writing one of those 33 1/3rd books about HTTT a few years ago. It was going to be awesome - I'm a writer by trade, and I've no shortage of brilliant opinions about Radiohead, which is why all my posts are so incredible. But I started feeling a bit embarrassed about the thought of being someone who'd written a book about Radiohead, and I shelved it.
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    Didn't Ed do a couple original songs for that 7 Worlds Collide project years ago? I wonder if any of those will turn up.
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    Well the songs are certainly real, they're all on the ASCAP website showing Ed as the sole writer/performer, and they were all added quite recently. Whether or not that's the exact tracklist, we'll have to wait and see.
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    Please don’t criticise Bach
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    The unrealistic wishful thinking of Radiohead fans never cease to amaze me
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    Said it a million times but once you sing "I will see you in the next life" you can't keep singing. You have to stop singing at that point.
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    Is this an Ash dupe account?
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    Reddit is losing their shit over ill wind.
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    I know, everyone loves live music apart from me. I guess I'm just too cool to worry about fitting in.
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    I've decided that the "one daaay at a tiiiiime" bit in The Numbers is my least ever favourite bit of Radiohead (discounting everything before they became a good band with OKC). It's such a weak, weak, weak melody. Such an energy drop. it reminds me of another weak Radiohead moment : “the worms will come for you” in Man of War. Just a sort of bland ascending thing that thinks it’s dramatic but isn’t.
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    Regardless. Good photos and it is interesting that he is posing with some old Radiohead tapes. Since the tapes were limited with OK Computer I don't think there is a realistic option of doing a Bends Anniversary edition. BUT I really hope they do a Kid Amnesiac. Especially since Nigel said they had a lot of tapes from those sessions. Also, Colin is awesome.
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    Maybe it’s part of the Kida stuff and Colin got lost. Only good old things should come from them being bored and digging around the old master tapes.
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    meanwhile his retarded little brother Amnesiac is going to be 17 FOREVER! ? j
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