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    Uh, why does Nigel even claim to know so much about the songs that HE DIDN’T WRITE made by a band HE’S NOT IN? and clapping back at Wikipedia, really?! How old is he? 16?
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    Someone has responded to the tweet with this: Nigel Godrich, New York Times, 9 March 2012: "They all just sort of burst into giggles, because they couldn’t do what he’d written, because it was impossible — or impossible for them, anyway."
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    Fucking loled at Nigel's meltdown. The page is sourced entirely to quotes from him and the band (and good sources too, BBC, Rolling Stone etc, not fan sites).
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    What he fails to mention is which information is inaccurate (just saying "all of it" doesn't sound right) and then he says that the sources are unreliable when a majority of the sources on the article are literally interviews with band members. Nigel doesn't really have a reason to put out hostility like that when the page is made up of quotes about stuff he and the band have provided. If he's implying that the quotes are inaccurate, that's a pretty hefty claim and he needs to tweet about specifics rather than just taking out some morning anger on a site of people conglomerating information usually for the best of their respective communities with very little to no malicious intent behind it. In the current political world we live in, saying Wikipedia is one of the "worst things about the modern age" is about as ignorant and ridiculous a statement one could ever muster.
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    Yes! John frusciante (sp?) is by far the best thing to ever come from rhcp. “Shadows collide with people” is an absolute classic album. His work is basically rhcp without the ego of Anthony keidis, so good.