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    ...um...is it ok to post in here? Here's my video of the Pittsburgh show on 7/26/18, enjoy!
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    I have the (heavily worked on) Zoom H1 audio from my Pittsburgh video, and also audio from the Columbus show on 7/23. I'll post them here once they're tracked.
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    offer them shitty tattoos and handmade replicas of album cover art. plus, an ok computer CD.
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    jonny's ratsnestphone version is even better.
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    I love A Rat’s Nest, such a cool song.
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    Sure! I'm watching it on YouTube on my 4K TV now, and damn I have a few synching issues that dissolve when the song's over. And damn, YouTube can't compress red video well at all. I may need help with seeding!
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    The tape was a total treat. It was also the first time Radiohead gave us a very real and personal insight into the song templates. Ed has said on numerous times how joyous it is for the band to listen to those 4-track ditties by Thom, then the sublime process for a band arrangement and song deconstruction starts. Stuff from the tape like "Attention" and "Are You Someone?" could have been a b-side, but given how he's such a prolific writer, it's not surprising that some were left but not forgotten. Simply beautiful, and I can't wait for more.
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    send us screenshots of the PMs where someone is blackmailing you and identify the user who is sending you these. no need to show us the actual photos. the entire admin team was very concerned and willing to help you in this situation
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    I was bored and thought there might be some radiohead stuff to comment on.