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    I don't get when people say things like 'a typical Thom Yorke record' or 'one of his best solo songs.' What is a typical sound from him? The Eraser and Tomorrow's Modern Boxes sound pretty markedly different. The former is skittery and beat driven and a little more reliant on guitars and basses as well as choruses, structures that fill the personality of the song... Tomorrow's Modern Boxes seems completely made with computers and is slower, more hazy, far more electronic, and there's almost no lyricism in comparison.
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    I don't get it. They're kids having stupid fun and you're all, like, "why is this stupid"? Get another heroin fix, Sherlock.
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    Yeah that is the best news in a long time. This stretch from AMSP, OKNOTOK, MiniDiscs Hacked, Suspiria, Anima and Ed's solo has been the best Radiohead period since In Rainbows. Great time to be a fan. Edit: I forgot about OKNOTOK somehow.
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    Thom just confirmed Kid A / Amnesiac 20th Anniversary edition. Discussed how he, Stanely and Nigel have been going through lots of material and that they virtually saved everything on disc.
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    I think people are taking the one piece of copywriting too literally. I think ‘fan favourite’ is a good way to sell a song that’s more just clamoured over or mythologised. They probably could have called Burn The Witch a ‘fan favourite’ too even though we’d heard one or two piano chords.
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    We already have Dawn Chorus and it's the beginning of the Burn the Wich video.
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    I respect your dedication to denial.
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    Except Burn the Witch doesn't suck
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    The Bends as an album is a great. It doesn't get enough love these days. It needs a proper anniversary release, but I doubt there is much in the way of demos or alternative takes knocking around. 25 years anniversary isn't far away.
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    Thom in an interview just now confirmed they're going through a massive amount of stuff for Kid A / Amnesiac anniversary edition and that they were smart enough to save it all :)
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    Yeah, I get why some people aren't digging this but I am not one of those people
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    It will be on KIDADIK
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    God damn I would melt if there was an Interference-esque version of Open the Floodgates on this thing ❤️
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    Dawn Chorus =/= Wake Me and idk why people just blindly accept that they're the same song when there is literally 0 evidence other than fans going "OH THEY'RE PROBABLY THE SAME SONG." very sincerely doubt this is a thom solo version of wake me
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    It’s on the deluxe edition with a new title
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    I have it. I sell it for 150 000$. Call me HorseToo.
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    we're lucky to have both
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    The Berlin 2000 version I think is my favourite ever recording by them. Just pure joy.
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    Agree. The mini discs are much more conventional guitars, base, drums, etc. The kid A / Amnesiac stuff was a complete departure. Thinking about Ed's diaries and all the information we now have on those sessions there are bound to be wildly different version of the songs we know today. Regards their judgement, the proof is in the pudding. Ok Computer is an excellent album (and I love electioneering!). What this discs don't show is the tinkering done in the recording and arranging the songs. It's a different process then jamming an idea out in a rehearsal scenario. They haven't always got it right, but we hold Radiohead, as they do themselves, to an extremely high standard. Maybe we shouldn't be so critical and just happy with what we have.
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    hmm. no. sorry. 😕 it's alright ma is better than every single radiohead song. homesick blues is.... also better than most, if not all, radiohead songs.
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    Time Out of Mind isn't even Dylan's best Radiohead album.
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    I fucking a hate you peoples. No fan here? Who the fucking hell are tyou to say this early version is good or this one is bad? Get your shit togheter! Give radiohead sone air to breath. This is bad, this good, i think i'm god, come on
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    For those who missed it, I rewrote Kid A and we played it back in February and it was fun
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    /Reddit is a pretty decent forum for Radiohead related fan topics. Love how the same questions are asked hourly Incase you missed the last 30 times it’s was asked in the last 15 mins. All the fan art and spooky weird personal over reacting to Radiohead’s music. And you can post your Radiohead collection of 2 cds from Walmart and get plenty of upvotes and than share your 1993 tour t shirt that Thom signed and get down voted cause some 15 year old thinks it’s a fake.