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    @adriaan Could you please visit more than monthly -- the unchecked Russian bot situation has all but killed off real posts. -->Please feel free to like/quote this post to get Adriaan's attention . . .
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    At this point, I'm for this. We could just keeping bumping a post in Main here pointing people toward the new, actually moderated board.
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    Remember when Adriaan pulled the plug and killed atease the first time? We lost so many informations and contacts cause he did it without a warning. (Im still pissed about that, to be honest) It’s most likely that he will do it here again. He lost his interest, that’s for shure. Maybe we should think about setting up our own board? Atease 3.0 anybody?
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    Another "new" thom interview NYTimes
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    Can't know how he will feel, can we. (How do you feel Adriaan?) But this is what's weird. Acting like this board doesn't exist. I don't get it. Sure, everyone's got life issues and way bigger and more immediate demands on time and energy. But what gives. A few people have said they'd step up to do the work. A few other people have tried to just raise the situation with him. And . . . nothing. So this just feels like . . .
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    @adriaan for paying for a message board that he is letting a bot account ruin when he could have just made one of us a moderator to clean it up for him.
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    Awesome, thanks for talking to your friend. Weird Fishes board?
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    Each of the songs and, music and production ideas, of A Moon Shaped Pool show that there is a vast and intriguing future for their music, whether inbetweens and personal recordings, to whatever they may choose to make into releases!
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    I spoke to a friend who runs a very (VERY) big website and message board professionally. He also creates websites for his clients. He will help me to set up a new message board for us. I can't tell how long this will take. He's a busy guy. But we're going to find a new home! Here is my (old and unused) twitter - just in case someone pulls the plug on atease again. https://twitter.com/vierheller I'll keep you updated on twitter if shit happens to atease. You never know... Does anybody have suggestions for a board name ? What about idiotheque-board ?
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    I am sick and fucking tired of all this god damned temp. pointless wood! *sashays away along to some fierce duck theme!*
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    them's the rules you don't like it you can leave!
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    Diabetus, because it can
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    Thom confirmed Radiohead's reunion in a recent interview. He said he looks forward to them coming together after doing all this extensive solo work to see what new things they brought to the table.
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    It would be a lot sexier if you added another player.
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    That subreddit sure has some special people
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    fuck them. release it all and let us sort through what we think sucks. they're filthy hoarders.