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    you're the best! AROUND! nothing in this town will keep you down!
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    Firt time i write here even if i'm a memeber since a long time ago. I would like to have the lp has much has all of you but i can't get over all the whining! People get your shit togheter please. We've already got the single and it's spectre. I wish for more too but try to remember that radiohead don't own you anything. It's a pleasure to read you everyday but please stop to talk shit. And by the way identikit is gonna be amazing if the beat is faster. Peace to you all and let's hope lp9 will show up soon. Fucking new page always!
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    even though i know everyone knows about this already and just isn't posting on this wasteland of a fan site, I figured i'd start a thread. favorite gems so far? the tel aviv show is pretty incredible and all the old webcasts from 2000 and 2002.
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    Who would've thought AtEase would be so active in 2020!
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    Well that's an understatement..
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    the intrepid one whole lotta news going on standing till the last (RH haiku)
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    oh hi there ade I didn't hear you come in!