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  2. Yes indeed. On one of the 2006 blackboards "Bombers / Neil Young *9" had become "Bombers / 4 minute warning" https://citizeninsane.eu/music/inrainbows/4minutewarning.html
  3. He did indeed! I still think it's badly produced though.
  4. I seem to remember that Ed talked in his diary about Cuttooth being much longer. I’d like hear that
  5. Atease has known it's a troll account that was created from a basement dweller for a long time however....that doesn't mean we can't fuck with Reddit...oh wait is Boogerbear behind the account
  6. this is just a shitty fan account not associated with the band
  7. Covers 4 Minute Warning around 52:00.
  8. https://old.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/hgsfco/radiohead_live_from_roundhouse_2016_amsp_tour/ Who can rip this? Edit: Never mind, I was able to pull the 256kbps mp3 from the source code: https://www82.zippyshare.com/v/uuS5imlU/file.html Edit 2: I split the tracks (no re-encoding), removed some of the talking (especially in the beginning), tagged it and added Live From A Moon Shaped Pool Artwork: https://we.tl/t-ScG5fue3WP
  9. Earlier
  10. "running from the bombers" Yeah I don't know how I missed it. Thanks!
  11. I thought the Neil Young Song was 4 Minute Warning. I suppose they both can be. edit: indeed after reviewing Ed’s diary, Neil Young Song and Bombers are the same song.
  12. Bombers is 4 minute warning I think
  13. Review Ed's diary during the Kid/Amnesiac sessions and let me know what you are most excited for. Bombers has to be Go to Sleep right? C minor song is worrywart? He never mentions their attempts at Nude but he does with True Love Waits. I bet I Froze Up would be a release extra c-side like Lift, I Promise and Big Boots. There has to be a ton of stuff that we don't know about that wasn't mentioned in the diary. Obviously Innocent Civilians was a joke but we could fuck with Reddit on that one.
  14. It would be funny if the post above actually had anything to do with the Kid A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary re-issue but somehow I doubt that's the case..
  15. Putin - sql training - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQqHnfpnhLk excel training excel courses excel lessons sql training sql courses sql lessons
  16. Ash


    more like radio porn hubble telescopic lens krafterworks!
  17. 2020 isn't even half over! hopefully some exciting things happen in the second 1/2 i mean in the WORLD! at large! LARGER THAN LIFE! (have you met my ex-wife?)
  18. Blow Out the Outerside Otherworld!
  19. Ash

    Chieftan Mews

    not to mention his third-rate sexual fetish social justice meetup shite!
  20. You have to wonder, if they do this they have to include Amnesiac since they were from the same sessions. That also includes the possibility that they could wait a year from now since Amnesiac was released in June the following year. But nah Kid A was their number one US and UK chart album. I really, really hope they do this. If I just get this and one more new album I will be a satisfied fan for the remainder of my years. The photo of Coz in the archive has me to believe that it will indeed happen and what better person than him to do so. Please Colin make this happen!!! I wonder if they have that too poppy version of Optimistic recorded as was mentioned. I need this! Edit: Also, if they included the Kid A non-vocal effect on this it would be nice. Like the live version. Please, Coz.
  21. forward

    Chieftan Mews

    Think this is mostly run by Stanley and a lot of recent posts have just been a way for ol Stan to flog his second-rate art.
  22. my first shih tzu was named cosmo
  23. Thurryl

    Chieftan Mews

    Anyone know what this is?
  24. I'm starting to think evil things about you. Like what kind of ice cream you might like.
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