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  2. need to save all of the memes and make an atease coffee table book
  3. Here's what I think...no just kidding more rabbit porn. This is free game kids. Anything goes. Did you know that appearcomposed and I had a sexual relationship? Did we, you will never know.
  4. I remember hearing the album announcement on Valentines Day, being with my girlfriend at the time and just not giving shit about her at that point. All I could think about was new Radiohead. I remember Ed being ambiguous about when it was going to be released, and I think the 18th release was a day early? Anyway, I had pre-ordered the Deluxe Newspaper Edition but downloaded the mp3s for the night. I purposely didn't listen to the record for the whole day because I wanted to make an event of it. We go round my friends house (just the massive Radioheaders) and have some beers and a few joints and go up into is room, which was the chillest room (just one of those rooms with a nice pentagonal shape and orange lighting. We put the first tune on, and hear the piano sample creeping in. Jesus christ. Words cannot describe our excitement. I remember hugging one of my friends straight away saying "this is the best thing I'm ever going to here" and it was only the first 30 seconds of Bloom. It was a truly cathartic experience. At one point, 2 of us had to leave the room during Codex and Give up the Ghost because it was just too much! (I kid you not). I truly think The King of Limbs is some of their finest work.
  5. Yesterday
  6. does anyone have the old tkol listening experience meme
  7. we will never forget the bots until they come back in like a month Booger4mod2020
  8. Don't worry the newbs on reddit are eating this up. Like they didn't know this stuff was released in back in the day when we had to buy obscure physical copies to get these tracks. Just like they didn't know In Rainbows disc two was a thing until it was put on Spotify. Now get off my lawn or I bring out the hose in my underwear.
  9. The library format is seemingly going to allow them to release a lot of KID A and Amnesiac material that might not have been released otherwise; it just depends when the physical releases will happen, or there is a small possibility that for this era, everything will go into the library first, and some special physical releases will follow?
  10. wow. instead of long released remixes of boring songs, maybe they should trickle out something cool like previously unheard studio takes or an acoustic demo. something to hype people up for kid deluxe which will assuredly (hopefully) contain a deluge of new material. ;0
  11. yeah but imagine having the memento or romeo+juliet cd still
  12. This was released years ago. Come on guys.
  13. Last week
  14. Is that artwork new to us? Could be a hint of Kid Amnesiac 20th anniversary edition artwork?
  15. also being added is 33.3 recurring and the nellee hooper mix of talk show host
  16. This has just been released on Spotify and YouTube. https://youtu.be/5T-ztaDz750
  17. they advanced enough to have their own avatars
  18. also I'll never get over the version of You from MTV's most wanted, so so so good. too bad this didn't have the crazy little thing called love cover would've liked to hear that in full
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