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  2. Sorry to be that prick, but my og copy of the minidiscs just disappeared when I cleared an old laptop last night. anyone have a copy they can up? preferably the original, leaked version? also, did anyone ever upload a trimmed copy of that with individual song tags? I tried but Thom's tracklists didn't really correspond to the running order. Cheers, would be much appreciated.
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  4. So what's actually happening? Is Atease dead? Is it alive? Is it Frankenstein's monster?
  5. It's a story about Christopher O'Riley's wife. This guy. It has to be a joke.
  6. If it is true, it doesn’t matter. People are allowed to have consensual sex - even with (shock horror!) more than one person at once. Implying rape or inappropriate conduct in a vague fashion just adds to the rumor mill. If there really are known facts about someone behaving in an inappropriate way, it may be better to be direct about it instead of just stirring the pot. Also, I object to the use of me too as a verb. The movement was started out of a real need to express how widespread abuse and the silencing of abuse is. Just wanted to get this off my chest. I apologise if it came across as preachy but I feel quite strongly about this stuff.
  7. Thank you for bringing this back!! : ) :) I am surprised at how well this organ instrument carries the emotive ideas of Daydreaming; I think part of it must be that the person playing has listened enough to know to keep slightly, instinctively varying the spacing between the notes, and the also that this is a fantastically woozy, drifty sound chosen for the instrument! https://imgtagram.com/m/2269168295714004722
  8. Tons of Radiohead covers from quarantine sessions. Ben Gibbard did Fake Plastic Trees, James Blake went with No Surprises, Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell with a nice cover of High and Dry, and actor Sam Neill did a version of Creep on ukulele.
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  10. they had an "arrangement" actually I don't think they did! at this rate we're quite lucky thom didn't get me too'd also! the shit he pulled!
  11. Did this really happen, or is it weird atease fan fic? Wasn't Thom still married at the time?
  12. I actually had no idea Elliott was in a band before his solo career, whoops..this sounds great what a perfect time to get into new bands.
  13. very great post. great post. simply great. wonderful post. people who diss on heatmiser compared to elliott's solo r losers. they don't know what's what plainclothes man is a top 10 thing he's ever written ever. blackout, bastard john, and cannibal also perfect. neil's stuff is also all great and his solo record as No. 2 is also wonderful.
  14. I'd rather have a physical copy ala OKNOTOK than for them to release it via the library. Though if they did both that would be nice too.
  15. nearly 200 dollars! last I heard
  16. Did extinction rebellion ever say how much money was raised from the minidiscs?
  17. based on the very positive results of the minidisc charity release, it seems plausible that some of the material planned to be placed in the Library is being reorganized for something similar! I am not sure when, funds will be needed for a while.
  18. Yeah, saw his post earlier. Hope he and everyone recovers well, although we know for many that is not going to be the case. If anything it would be nice if this shit virus would show the world that we are all the same. We should all be getting along.
  19. Ed's got it. WHO said that they think the first signs of the virus are a loss of sense of smell and taste. I joked with my co-workers that we should bring garlic bread on our trouble breathing runs and ask them if they can smell and taste it. If they can't they got it. Ed confirms it. He said he lost his taste and smell first.
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