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  2. Isn't this actually the case? From an interview back when they were actually piss takers?
  3. Hmmm....haven't heard that one. I always thought it was about wanking! 😁
  4. Yeah, sure it sounds dated but it suited the era and I wish they'd pull the odd one out live every now and then besides Creep.
  5. You, Creep, Stop Whispering, Thinking About You, Anyone Can Play the Guitar, I Can't, Lurgee, and Blow Out are all good songs imo. Is it true that Thinking About You is about Bjork?
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  7. Yeah and Pablo Honey isn't even song !
  8. And yeah, don't hold it against me but I still like a few songs on Pablo Honey, especially Lurgee and Blow Out.
  9. I honestly seem to recall it being about three month. I remember just thinking it must've been some 90s throwback, true to the style, because the wait and whole promotional push was very 'traditional.' Before that, we'd had three Radiohead albums and a Thom Yorke one all with pretty similar 10ish day announcement-to-release cycles. I remember seeing the posters pop up and thinking they were fake. Then again I thought that about the Burn The Witch pamphlets being sent out as well. I guess reddit and their 'I won't listen to the minidisc leaks because it'll make me cry because it'll make Thom angry' ethics rules out such sins as fibbing bout the 'head. I went to Europe and saw a couple of shows, the first time I'd seen them, they were playing some festival shows in Europe and one in Belgium or Holland was selling the it at the merch tent a while before it was due to come out. I think OKNOTOK properly came out a couple of days before the Manchester show (?). They opened with Let Down and then I think they played Lucky or Airbag and I said "fuckin hell, they're going to play the whole album!" Still can't believe they trotted out fuckin I Promise and not Lift in the encore though. They get sentimental and look backwards for the first time ever and botch it. Classic.
  10. I actually think the metaphor and the lyrics are actually really good, some of the freshest in the whole Radiohead catalogue. Thom gets more and more into the 'line of vague poetry, next line of cliche-reappropriating poetry' field as time goes on. But this actually really told a story and it's one of the rare times I can sort of see a picture and a story from his/their music.
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  12. I like it too but it certainly is one of the worse songs after Pablo Honey.
  13. I think I must be one of the rare breed who find it a half decent song.
  14. I think it's soundofconfusion.no-ip.org
  15. i hardly remember policeman but i remember the username and i definitely remember seeing the word "ventilators" on the old board. i remember some of those joke-ish accounts... "green day rules", anyone? And though i know the "ventilators" thing isn't the same thing, but it reminded me that there were a few "censored" words that got automatically replaced when you typed them. "webcast" became "fapfest". "slipknot" became "********". i can't remember too many others.
  16. Scatterbrain


    Can someone remind me what the new address is? I got a new computer and can't find it anywhere 😕
  17. There was those posters that were around a while before the release wasn't there?
  18. I only recently starting reading through this thread but somebody said 6 weeks. From looking at my emails 2nd May 2017 was the date several shops announced it and it was also the date I created my accountat the OKNOTOK store. The release date of the 3 x vinyl and 2 CD was 23rd June, not sure if the big boxed set was the same date. So an early-mid August announcement would be consistent with an early October release if they were going for the actual 20th anniversary. Seemed to be some very strong interest in earlier interviews - why wouldn't it happen? Ed's attention is obviously elsewhere with a new album out and nobody would want to undermine that by hyping the project up now.
  19. It might happen next year instead. 2021 is the anniversary of Amnesiac and the extra sessions with Graeme Stewart for the Amnesiac B-sides.
  20. Does anyone remember how long it was from when they announced OKNOTOK to when it was released? Recent interviews have me thinking it might not happen.
  21. Those were the days! Who remembers the user "policeman? His posts were hilarious. I think they went through several google translates. The word "fan" was always "ventilators".
  22. I don't even read the usernames on reddit, is there any point?
  23. It is weird how reddit just became echo chamber's for practically everything and any notion or sense of having a voice the way one sort of can here is generally lost... That said enjoy your downvote.
  24. i have gotten many thousands of hours of entertainment and knowledge from reddit over the years, but one of the most unforgivable things of all time is the death of the message board reddit is so impersonal. when you have a message board you can get a feel for the people and really carve out a place in the discussion. on reddit you have to hope your thoughts and insights push through the 50 other comments about how people were able to refill their Aquafina bottle with tears after repeated listenings of "Dawn Chorus" in the back room of the grocery store they work at between classes.
  25. I joined in 2003. I had been going to atease (the site, not the message board) for a couple of years at that point, and in March 2003 there was a news post that said something to the effect of: "hail to thief has leaked. we will not post a link here but if you check the message board you'll probably find it". So i signed up. I remember finding the HTTT leak (the unmastered one, yes) on some ftp site. I remember there was a folder in there called "HULK MAKE FOLDER", which made me laugh. This was because there was a user called Hulk, who always communicated in this style. I assume he made that folder. I don't remember too much more as it was 17 years ago, but reminiscing is fun. Oh, one other thing I remember... one of the first topics (maybe THE first topic) i posted was my observation that the spines of the RH albums (as in, the part you can see if you have them on a shelf) so far had alternated between black and white, from Pablo Honey to Amnesiac, and I predicted the next album would have a black spine, which it did, but then I stopped paying attention. when i read reddit sites of various bands i see the same kinds of posts and think, no matter how much things change, some things always stay the same.
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