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  2. And you wouldn’t be having a good time otherwise. He knows this cus he sees you and he is the otherwise
  3. For this matter: what is the crazy homeless guy in the subway saying? He’s saying that the society you live in is bullshit. That you walk on by trading fake money, building fake identities with fake gopher busy jobs while you step over people who are hurting cus it’s just too painful for you to deal with. He’s saying that what you pride yourself on is arbitrary chance. That you (in general) elect and support the purgatory that you complain about cus yer afraid to look yourself in the face and you walk on by with yer head buried like a fucking drone and that’s the REAL reason for the silenc
  4. Yes, I’m the whole reason...patently ridiculous and if it were true someone would have just trolled me the fuck out of here by now. Nothings going on and in the meantime you find me annoying. Big deal.
  5. Anyway, doubt it. You in particular only post to complain about me anyway.
  6. Well you’d have to be careful not to step in homeless aids shit
  7. Or like a crazy homeless guy in a bikini on the subway. But if I were on the beach...
  8. No, you're more like the crazy homeless guy screaming in the subway, weirding everyone out. Hence the silence and the awkwardness. We could be having a good time otherwise.
  9. Fuck it! Y’all the same person. I knows it!
  10. And it’s a form of denial. This is what I’m talking about. It’s everywhere manifested in a million daily micro-aggressions. I’ve never even categorically denied having mental health issues. I’ll take off my mask when you take of yours or some such cliche.
  11. Also Mr Faceless, your condemnation is kinda satirical. I’m basically the only thing happening on the board most of the time. I’m like a girl in a bikini. You’d notice me in the market square but if this were a crowded beach I’d just fade into the background
  12. I’d say the worst thing to happen is that everyone broke 30 and grew up at the same time rh slowed down and all chat rooms got swallowed by burgeoning social media forums. Plus ,as I say, pure societal decline probably adds something
  13. But unfortunately you’re just INZANE
  14. But seriously this Purple Dress guy is the worst thing to have happened to this forum. At least the other wackos were entertaining.
  15. Actually, as far as the US is concerned, there are a whole series of compacted unregistered trauma beginning with 911, into the Iraq war through the 08 market crash, the slow burn continuous escalation of bad policy throughout the Obama admin, on through the election of Trump(and whatever that situation actually was/is. I’m of the opinion that a lot of it was just corporate media running interference on the Epstein scandal) onto the present lock down. Lots of catching up to do.
  16. I feel betrayed and...mind blown.
  17. Ain’t you Glitchd and Thatthere and Facless? Dang it I thought you was up in here talkn to yourself, slangin an album to yourself an all kinda highjinks. Up in here talkn to yourself telling me I’m crazy for doing it. That’s pretty crazy man! Or maybe IM YOU and we playing up in the peanut gallery. Let’s you and me butt-fuck up in them dang woods!
  18. Farts? Farts?...we good on fart humor, everybody?...whelp. Ok! You know where to find me.
  19. Oh I worry about everybody’s mental health. In general not in a good place. Kind of like a pre-wwII era social decline leading up to some big set of disasters. I hardly observe or talk to anybody that I don’t register as being in a state of denial these days. It’s one those periods where lots of people are trying to take over the world at once and the method of laughing and pointing at the fools on the screen has timed out and everybody’s at a loss as to what to do. I observe more and more people’s social networks and familial bonds becoming eroded under the stress of all the shifting fra
  20. Do you not worry about your mental health when you talk to yourself on a dead Radiohead message board?
  21. Yesterday
  22. Flaco


    Happy Turkey Day Pendejo
  23. Did someone say cornball? Here. Pull my finger.
  24. Thom does this aside after singing that “such a lovely girl” and pulls it off in a total Robert Plant “ doesn’t anybody remember laughter?” way. What a cornball.
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