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  2. truelove


    9/11 was an inside job
  3. Talented Greg Williams again Set of Anima
  4. those chairs are roped off like a museum
  5. felicitazioni prossimo album per favore!
  6. Radiohead is actually a charity organization.
  7. Last week
  8. And you come by this information how? Are you...the Cabinet Ministers wife?
  9. Today is not the day. Thommino is busy. "The ceremony takes place in the garden of Valguarnera. Uniting the couple in holy matrimony will be Claudio Bocca, an Anglican minister." You can check out the Villa in Johnny Stechinno (1991)
  10. Some others were better than some of those imo, but weren’t as publicly active and prolific on the board. Each of those users/sockpuppets had an undeniable impact on Atease culture.
  11. Most influential ateasers of the golden era 25. ade 24. hector gilbert 23. italo 22. kian 21. graf gantz 20. mego 19. weird fishee 18. ramshackle 17. blackstar 16. RIPE2ba10-15minlivejam 15. southie as in carolina 14. pennyroyalty 13. naked hos and sex 12. yifan 11. whitewingedship 10. el pillo 9. blackswan 8. ash 7. polvo del coyote 6. pianosfilledwithflames 5. cnc 4. caisenma 3. saiken 2. the eyes in the cupboard 1. pins
  12. Grass is green at the edge of a bubble Beautiful kids into beautiful trouble
  13. Wish you’d get off your Duff and pay heed to more deep cut obscure rh classics! I Duff declare! Duff said! Period! Full Duff!
  14. Pasha again! Low corporate! Drinking too much of that Duff beer! The smell of fear is thicker than you think.
  15. Pssshyaah!! 🎶 interstate 5 running straight down the middle 🎶 what kinda dorks are you guys?
  16. Sounds like Thom is getting married? Congrats, Thom. Now get to work on fucking LP10! 😑
  17. Flaco

    Ban me

    Soon we’ll all be wearing dollar store clothes that make us look like pedophiles and taking water bottle showers in a tent city under the freeway
  18. Tent city jazz is even more sparse and boppn than Kansas City!
  19. 🎶 we all live in a yellow submarine🎶 -scratch that- TENT CITY!
  20. Ain’t no rock bottom like comparing penis size in tent city
  21. Nirvana

    1990 Thom

    I WILL rise up in a tent city
  22. I just stepped in a pile of diseased AIDS shit in a tent city
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